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Can I answer like this?

Every semester, every postgrad student is supposed to fill in the semesterly progress report. Of course, I am not exempt. There are a few questions in the progress report such as, "Does your supervisor provide enough supervision time", "Does you supervisor give good quality supervision"... etc. Sometimes I wonder how some students are supposed to answer this without lying. Because I do know of some who actually have sucky supervisors. Anywayz... isi saja la, as this is U*M's Inst. of Postgrad Studies to show that at least they're doing something with regards to keeping progress of the students.... (wringko waranko parapatung Smitso junkga Achtung rivendelle ... I am speaking Swahili backwards now...

Anywayz, most studs just get fed up filling in this supposedly useful form. There's one question at the end... and I answered as shown below. Ada buleh ka?

I am no liar :D Dah betul... soklan2 dia simple2 je... So betul la :) No need to ask my SV :D Okes.... Shelamaat....

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