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Cough Cold and Fever

It's been quite a while since my last medical certificate or MC :) But now, I think I am ill, with cough, cold and fever. As Muslims, no matter what the predicament, we say Alhamdulillaah... and Alhamdulillaah I say :D Actually bukan apa, it's been so hot in the past few months, that when I finally catch cold, it means that the cold weather has finally caught up with me! So kira bagus la tu... selama ni panas, now I am succumbing to the cold... this means that the weather is getting better :D It's getting cooooler. Makin sejuk! Hahahaha! Bagus la tu ye dok? It is now cold (for a while...)!!! And I am catching cold!!! It is not hot anymore!!! :D Alhamdulillaah...

Anywayz... Ok, I know I am not making sense, but I am thankful nevertheless as I am now being ill-ed by the cold, and not the scorching heat :D Orait, all I have to do now is to keep warm and eat ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak, ramuan yang asli rasanya enak, sudah terkenal sejak berzaman, menambah seri membawa kebahagiaan.... :D

Oraits... Assalaam'aleykom.

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