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The Karate (Kung Fu) Kid

Last night, at the very last minute (~9:25 pm), decided to catch a movie at Queensbay Mall, Penang :) I actually wanted to see Toy Story 3, but since the last show was at 9:35 pm, so memang tak sempat lah. After browsing the now-showing menu a bit, I suddenly remembered that Rotten Tomatoes gave Karate Kid (played by Jaden Smith) a 70++% rating. So, since Toy Story 3 (which got 100% when I last checked) was out of the loop, I decided to go watch Karate Kid (version 2010) lah!...

Quite surprisingly... the movie was very enjoyable! I even didn't mind Jackie Chan's bad English! The plot is guessable for those who know the original Karate Kid (or even Malaysia's copycat of Bujang Selamat played by Faizal Hussein :P). But the way they tweaked the whole thing was very2 impressive.

Firstly of course, it's no longer karate. Kung-Fu was the martial arts in this movie... and since the whole thing took place in China, it's a perfect fit I reckon :) I also thought that Jackie Chan did a good job playing the sifu role... and I also liked how Dre's (Jaden) character evolved from a jacket-dropper (U need to watch the movie to understand this) to a kung-fu exponent! And the "special move" at the end ... walawehhh.... it was quite impressive. I ended up involuntarily saying "fulamak...." when Dre delivered the final blow... Oh... and the crook also looked macam budak jahat betul, which adds to the experience.

Anywayz... in all, Karate Kid 2010 is a movie worth watching in my book :) Of course don't expect heavy drama or anything (although the movie does deliver some drama)... Action-wise, I think is sufficient.... Plot-wise... also quite nice as you won't mind (I won't mind, that is) to see the movie again say, with a tv-dinner?

Oh... and another thing that I found most interesting. This kid is a CARBON COPY of his dad Will Smith. I  mean, really!!! From his gait movements, facial expressions, blank-ness-of-face-look, etc. Mmg sejibik Will Smith... with the exception of the dreadlocks that it :D Anywayz... I give Karate Kid a 7.8966/10...

Training on the Great Wall of China

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