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Some Pics. From Pulau Aman Trip

Yesterday (Sunday the 20th of June 2010), went on a fishing trip around Pulau Aman :) Not the normal deep sea fishing trips where a 1-hour boat ride to the middle of nowhere is required. This time it was on a smaller boat, and we went around the islands of Pulau Aman :) The expected catch pon of course la, on a smaller scale... around the size of the palm or the hand, plus minus a few inches :)

Overall, trip ok jugak. Dapat la dalam more than 30? Or was it more? Did not check. Here are few pics. Did not snap much as was more preoccupied with re-string-ing my fishing set. Asyik dok sangkut kat dasaar je sampai putush tali dan hilang mata kail n batu ladung :D Anywayz.... Selamaat

Bot milik Zul... but this time his bro in law is taking us... Kelantanese guy who
now speaks a hybrid accent of Kelantan-Kedah

Small boat towing trash... once the wind was in our direction. I bet
even Channel can't neutralize that smell

Bait... shrimp :)

Ketuka a.k.a. Small Ray

We have no idea what fish this is. Macam ikan belacak... or is it
tembakul? Nie men bu che tau...

One of the few rocky islands around Pulau Aman

Sebijik batu ditengah2 perairan cetek

Restoren Mee Udang :)

My lunch... Mee Udang Pulau Aman :D Milo Ais n Air Kosong...
This trip is better in a sense we don't have to spend all day @ sea.
In the afternoon, can rehat sekejap to have proper lunch and perform salah.
If atas bot all the time like during the deep sea expeditions, food can come by o.k... but semayang kalu? Susah sket... xde proper place...
Sib bek when going deep sea fishing its always more than 2-marhalahs :D So can combine with Asar, which is normally the time  we return from sea...

The fish jumped when I took his/her pic... so that's why lari sket alignment

Finally he chose not to jump around... this is the baby grouper Akhmal brought up.
We got around 15 kot of this fish... Besar2 tapak tangan alhamdulillaah

Mr. Akhmal Ikan Tenggiri with one of his many catches :)

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