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So Many Things To Pack

Now I'm in the process of clearing out our rented house in Taman Ilmu, Nib Tebal. At first I thought there were like, not so much things. But after going through one room... it seems like I might need multiple trips to Bangi. At first, ingatkan all can be done in one go, since we managed to sell of the big things (e.g. washing machine, queen size bed, fridge, TV and TV cabinet, study desk etc.). But when I went thru the smaller stuff... gulp!!! Banyak lagi ghupanya!!! And since I'm doing it all alone... so lagi la rasa penat dan kadang2 kurang tentu arah, as there're quite a lot of things to look at. Wifey pulak, mcm nak suruh bawak balik satu rumah! Hahaha! Easy for her to say, since she's already in Bangi... and it's up to me alone to pack everything up and take 'em home. 

Anywayz... takpa la. Must tabahkan diri. InsyaAllaah all will work out. Okes, off to cook Maggi... Assalaam aleykom.

Some of the stuff
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