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Catch siakap, cook siakap :)

Last weekend, myself, Akhmal Ikan Tenggiri and Cikgu Othman (Akhmal's father) went on a fishing trip @ Sungai Semeling, Sungai Petani, Kedah. This time it was a river trip... tapi quite close to sea jugak la since the water already started to get masin :) Muara sungai la kot? Anywayz, the targeted fish was siakap (bahasa orang putih dia apa ye? Baramundi kah? Ke Perch?).

Long story short... I got ZERO... Akhmal got ZERO... but Cikgu Othman got TWO!!! Alhamdulillaah. Added up with ONE caught by our beloved tekong Pak Long... maka jadik lah TIGA EKOR SIAKAP yang di bawa baliiikkk :) 

Trip-wise, have to say that it was quite nice even though myself and Akhmal didn't get any siakaps. The weather was superb! Not hot at all. As a matter of fact, at one point it rained quite heavily and strong winds accompanied the downpour. It was so de sejuk sampai menggigil macam di Kutub Utara!!! (macam pernah pegi je...). But it was quite ok... cuz I'd take Malaysian cold weather any time to the heat wave we had a few months back, ye dok?

Oraits... anywayz... the next day, Akhmal took the fish home to his grandpa's house in Permatang Pauh. In the expert hands of his mother and Mak Tam... walllawehhhh... end result mmg tableh tahaan punya! Siakap masak stim masam manis and siakap masak sambal!!! Tersangat lah sedap sampai aku terpaksa makan banyak :P Below are the pics :D After this, wajib ask for recipe from the chefs. Kena mau kasik cuba masak sendiri tengok jadik ke dak :D

Nasi + lauk pauk...

The two main dishes from afar

Siakap masak tomato + sambal (I think...)

Siakap masak stim masam manis (I think...also)

Siakap slice goreng... Forget to eat this one as it was on the girls' side

Adam bin Akhmal

Akhmal Ikan Tenggiri

Pak Long de tekong otai

The place where the two siakaps were landed by Cikgu Othman

Cikgu Othman (right) and Pak Long (left) with the cikgu's catch

Akhmal and Alfian yang sudah tembam teramat sangat... uwaaaaa!!!

Antique fan... Akhmal's camera managed to get a still pic of the rotating blades

Same fan from my camera... 5 mpixel SE Elm

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