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Walking to the lab

Hmmm... Takde la jauh sangat pun bila dah actually jalan. Normally, I'd drive from my hostel to the lab, which takes ~3-minutes. Sekarang kalu, I think I have to walk to the lab. Takes just around 5 to 8-minutes by foot. Rain or shine... walk mesti mau walk juga. No more spoiling my feet with pressing the paddle (ke pedal?) to the (tak-sampai-pun) metal (ke middle?) ...

Anywayz, I tried walking a few times before... and found that it's quite invigorating once I set myself in at the lab. There's this relaxed feeling while at the same time having more energy than always. Furthermore, I couldn't have picked a better month to start walking... With fasting and all, I hope I could cultivate more good habits as the the holy month passes by.

I have discovered though, that walking requires:
  1. A really2 good pair of shoes. Cross trainers or any shoe that has soft and thick soles. Unsuitable footwear can really2 make ure feet hurt;
  2. Great deal of care, since cars and motorcycles rarely give a dayem to the rights of pedestrians (but not me la. When I drive I try my best not to hit pejalan-pejalan kaki. Except the not-so-smart ones who somehow try to walk in the middle of the road for no apparent reason); and
  3. Payung kena ready senantiasa... the heat and rain can kill ya! For guys, yeah... have to throw away a bit of the macho complex and start using umbrellas during hot and sunny days :P.

This is from what I observed lah. Okes. Plz. do make dua for me so that I continue this effort of mine insyaAllaah. Oraits... Ramadhaan Mubarak!!!

PS:- Missed the days of walking to class at Monash though. It was nice walking many kilometers per day in low humidity and low heat... Maybe that's why I was 68-72kg back then, compared to 88kg now! Hahaha!

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