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I rode a Segway at that Langkawi Cable Car place...

Alhamdulillaah... had a good two nite stay at Langkawi Island. Me, the wife, kids, my in laws, our helper Kak Ati and sis in law accommodated ourselves at the AB Motel in Pantai Cenang for RM120 per nite... I think that was quite an OK price considering the Saudi and Indian/Pakistanian tourist season :D

Anywayz... went to the Langkawi Cable Car place. Didn't know that they started operations at 12:00 pm on Wednesdays!!! Kena la tunggu for almost 2-hours for the counters to open... We did consider going elsewhere while waiting, but when fikir2 balik... macam jauh la pulak since the Cable Car place was quite far from the next place we wanted to visit (forget which place...). So... during the waiting period, I saw some people riding on that two-wheeled contraption  Obadiah Stane rode in Iron Man (2008). Thought it was kind'a interesting since it stood on two horizontally aligned wheels but did not terbalik dog. After contemplating for a few minutes, finally the wife convinced me to take Farhanah on a ride. Of course, I was not qualified to give my daughter a ride as it  was my first time... so my she went with one of the attendants (for RM12) and I had my own machine to ride (mine was charged RM17...)... Overall... RM29. Ok la kot sekali sekala.

Have to say it is quite intuitive and takes you around 3-8 minutes to get used to. Lean to the front to move forwards... lean to the back to brake or reverse. Turn the handles right and left for ... right and left movement :) Was thinking of buying one for myself... but after knowing that it costs at least RM29,000 per pax.... takpe la kot. Anywayz... the SEGWAY was quite a neat machine. Not only is it green due to zero gas emissions (I think)... but also quite safe and makes your journey from point A to point B faster. Oraits.... Eh.. chaits! Takde pics la pulak. Tapi takpe... it looks like this :) Selamaat...

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