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Again, Halal Status issue... :)

(Thanks MMQ Imran for the link to this useful article)

An article published online (offline pun ada ke?) yesterday realized my fears that kopitiams around Malaysia aren't actually 100% halal. Please refer here for the article. It seems that, some of the private halal certificate providers simply conduct their halal 'check' via the telephone. I mean... this is so not the way to do it. 

Why? Because (most) non-Muslims don't understand fully what halal is all about... So what they think is halal, might not be in actuality, halal. It's the job of the halal cert provider lah to make sure things are safe to be consumed by Muslims. If they dare to set up companies to do such jobs... they SHOULD do it properly, because the main thing is not the monetary gain. But the guarantee that the food is safe to consume.

Some as who is to blame? JAKIM for having too strict rules that some eateries just ignore going through them and instead go for the private halal companies? The private companies... well of course they want $$$. Making $$$ is not wrong, as a matter of fact it's encouraged is Islam. But when ure tying  religious beliefs to the business,  make sure you do a good job... cuz that knot you tied might just be the knot that pulls you down to the depths of "unknown" 



farizghazali said...

aku pernah dengar ust Asri cakap (ceramah di ulu klang) Yang halal tu banyak. yang tak halal tu sikit.. apasal nak cop yang banyak..?

make sense.

PS: amacam sekarang? lupa lak nak tanya khabar. hehe..

Alfian_Troxion said...

hahaha! betul betul
kawan aku pon ada mention... senang cerita chop TAK DITANGGUNG HALAL lagik senang :) aku rasa elok diutarakan benda ni dalam surat kabar ke... parlimen ke :P

aku alhamdulillaah... tengah nak abiskan phd insyaAllaah... :)

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