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Macam Michael Buble la pulak iye...

And I'm surrounded by, a million people but I'm still alone... I wanna go home... got to go homeeee.... Lebih kurang like that lah Mr. Michael Buble sang his song :) It's been quite stressful for the last three weeks... and I really2 do need to see my wife and kids. Really2 miss them all. Asyik dok ngadap PC kat lab je, can become crazy before 14 Jun 2013 you know. Need to shift mindset and what-ever-sets there are so that I could insyaAllaah come back to work refreshed. Maybe until Monday in Bangi... then back to Penang for some cookie delivery... then back to Bangi --> Johor (insyaAllaah) for Eid'ul Fitr :D

Anywayz... as Allaah qadr has been decreed, one of my friends might also need a lift to KL. So ok la tu! Sambil menyelam sambil minum air zam zam alakazam :D Can do something useful during this Ramadhaan to hopefully increase my stock (saham) for judgment day :D hehehe.

Oraits... back to Bangi mode - ON!

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