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Arabic Food for Iftar - Masjid Al-Malik USM

The similitude... Nasi Kandar Beratoq!!! Seriously... I think longer at times! 

The Arabic Iftar line has been gaining popularity this year round. There is actually another line on the other side of Masjid Al-Malik USM, serving Malaysian food. But it seems that people are thronging the Arabs instead. I personally believe it's because of the more well defined portions of chicken that you get, plus the ARAB PORTION rice that is being put in your plate/tupperware.  If you've seen an Arab with good appetite, you will know what I mean :)

Anywayz, me and my Iranian friend Ehsan have already agreed that by 6:35pm, we should start heading down alerady. If not... we'd end up at the end of the line with the risk of getting no Arab food. But not to fret, for if the Arab food habis... insyaAllaah, most probably there is still more Malay food on the other side (Dah semua datang bedal makanan Arab? Siapa nak habiskan yg Malaysia punya side...).

Okes... berikut adalah a few pictures of the Arab Iftar Line @ Masjid Jamek Al-Malik USM :D Assalaam aleykom.

@ 6:30 - 6:35 pm... Empty. But like the changing windssss... (see next pic)

Line becomes long in an instant!

Ladies also ada line :) Minah tudung itam tu perasan ka gambar mereka di-snap?

Amir tak silap is the boy's name. The mum is a frequent patron of this line :)

Makhluk2 hampa pasal datang lambat... kasian, kena go back to the end of the already long line...

This is what pisses me off (and undoubtedly, other people as well). Some people (in this case an Arab) just came and 'inserted' himself into the line after seeing some friends. I think, if some people at the back don't get the food due to this injustice... this guy will answer dearly to God for what seemingly is a 'harmless' (yet annoying) act...

Intai2 the Pak Arabs getting the food ready

Pak Arabs in action :) The bald guy @ the end was actually a USA PR [or citizen? not sure]... But now he's like stationed in Malaysia :) Sometimes I feel that he looks like a Harley Davidson rider...

Happily performing their duties...

After I got the food..... The line was getting longer. Sometimes... it extends very2 long until the padang2 rumput @ the back !!!

This is what people are after :) Sometimes yellow rice with chicken kurma...

Durra dates... the 'wet' version :)

From the back of the packet

Of course, air kordial balang. This is more Malaysian than Arabic :)

Tok Uban waiting for the clock to strike 7:33 pm :D


Peraih udang dari Zimbabwe said...

Salam Bro,

What an interesting entry to share with others. Nice photos that goes well with your explaination. How I really missed the 'berbuka session' at a nearby mosque when I was an undergrad student in Shah Alam a few years ago.

Selamat berbuka for the coming days, may this Ramadhan be a better Ramadhan for you and your family, Insya-Allah...

Alfian_Troxion said...

Alhamdulillaah. Glad you liked it Mr Nabil :D Saya pun mmg tahun ni majority buka dengan makanan masjid. Sekali berbuka dengan kawan2 (two nites ago) dan sekali lagi... alamak... kat mana ek? Lupa. The Permanent-head-Damage is really happening now I see :P

Anywayz, thanks for the Ramadhaan wish. Likewise to you... semoga Ramadhaan tahun ni lagik barakah dari yang sebelum2 nya :D Salaaam

Oyis said...

wah mcm berbuka di negara arab yok? mesti esok2 jd kenangan nih. btw, suka tgk org2 beratur molek (except for the few tu lah). psl selalukan rakyat kita ni main selit aje. hopefully kekal menjadi budaya :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

Alhamdulillaah. Budak2 Melaysia kita ok je. Negara2 lain pon ok... kecuali ... arab :'( This is the 2nd time an Arab guy cut line. Yang first tu lagi kronik... aku masa tu line up panjang gilos... then tetiba bila dah dekat nak sampai.... shhoiiishhhh... dia datang masuk line depan aku yg mana kawan2 dia dah tunggu.... nak marah pon tak leh pasal kawan yg aku kenal... Hmmm :'( Again, GOd will judge him lah :)

Mr Azwad said...

I like that final mugshot! :D

Alfian_Troxion said...

mug shot la pulak. hahaha! Wad.. apa citer kau ngan itu Bahlal... sudah ok? :D

Mr Azwad said...


That was an unfortunate case. I am not always an angry person. But since kind words and ignorance are not enough to put an end to the nonsense, i had to speak up.

I honestly don't see any other solution right now other than each minding their own business.

I'm not really wanting to teach anyone a lesson but I had to defend myself. Before people get the wrong idea about me just like before just because I was keeping quiet, I let people know what really happened.

Sorry for getting you and everyone else into this. I believe not everyone wanting to know. Thanks for asking though.

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