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Didn't watch Wall Street... but I definitely did not sleep early

Planned to watch Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Ended up sticking up those wedding-location-direction thinggies. Originally wanted to catch the movie with my good friend Mr Aizal Khusyairi... but @ the last minute, he could not make it. Not his fault though because the other people he worked with buat palatianos :) Tapi takpe... another time insyaAllaah.

Like I said, ended up with wedding reception related duties. Today is my fren's 2nd wedding reception @ Bangi and last night at around after midnight (which technically, makes it today... anywayz...), me, him and three other friends went out to pacak the papan tanda tunjuk arah :) Gedebak gedebuk, everything finished @ around 3 a.m. Walaweh... That's more than the time I would've spent watching Wall Street. Hahahaha! Tapi takpe. 

Today, insyaAllaah, at around 12, will be heading to the wedding whose sign boards I helped erect. Harap2 people will find their way to Mr Azrul Azmi bin Mohd Amin bin Kayat's reception ground. Wokeh. Salaam aleykom :D

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