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Wedding Fiesta

This month and the next will of weddings :) Three straight weddings on three consecutive weekends :D The first wedding was on the 18th of Sept. 2010. Raja Azhar Raja Othman (or RR) finally tied the knot with his girl friend (apa nama weh? Aku lupa... mahapkan aku...). I almost 'missed' the original time for his Ampang reception by thinking that it was gonna be held in the afternoon! Alhamdulillaah, I accidentally SMS-ed the pengantin and he told me about the 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm buffet. Salamaat.

RR n wife posing in front of their wedding cake

The next wedding I attended, and the main cause of my Eidulfitri holiday extension (which I don't mind, really :P), was that of Azrul Azmi bin Mohd Amin's and Noor Asiah. This one was held in my hometown of Bandar Baru Bangi on the 25th of September 2010. Lot's of long time primary and secondary school friends were there. Was a great reunion. I even helped with one pre-wedding preparation - erecting papan2 tanda arah utk ke rumah pengantin :D Food was great and company was awesome!!! Was a bit overdosed on cigarettes though :P Biasa la... weddinggg. Hahahaha! (alasan)

Part of the papan tanda geng

Photo session with Azrul n Noor

After this, I will be off to Jitra Kedah, insyaAllaah on the 2nd of October. This will be the wedding of the year!!! Luckily I am already up north, so not going would be inexcusable! Hahahaha! But camne pon, I don't think I'd miss this wedding, cuz it's my long time good fren Noorsalwati Nordin @ Rawi getting hitched (with a Mr. Abdul 'Alem bin Jaapar... betul ke bin Jaapar?). Might be car pooling with Encik Faizal Jokar and also newlywed RR. RR might have to be in Penang, hence forcing him to separate for a short duration from his wife. Sad... but true. Sabar RR. hehehehe. Owh, ET nye wedding no gambar... cuz it hasn't happened yet! :D

Annywayz... Three weddings... Alhamdulillaah! Happy beginnings to all newlyweds!!! :D Salaam aleykom WBT. 

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