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Middle to South... Middle to North... and it ain't even Raya yet!!!

For the last two days... I was helping with the misses... Due to this being her first time doing kuih raya business, some things were totally out of sync :P One of the glitches had to do with delivery. Ntah mcm mana, some deliveries were overlooked, but Alhamdulillaah, managed to be detected at the very last minute. But the thing was that... some of the deliveries needed to be done on that very day. And since even courier services (e.g. DHL, Nationwide Express etc.) pun at least 1-day baru sampai... we needed a more 'efficient' means that would insyaAllaah guarantee same day delivery :) End up,... yeous... I as Mr Hubby to my entrepreneurial wife, had to step in lah to act as delivery man.

The destinations weren't that near either. One was at her brother's house in Skudai! Mannngaaii... hujung Malaysia dah tu :P And the very next day (yesterday)... it was Nibong Tebal, Penang. Originally, Perlis was also included but somehow we managed to get my brother in-law to get the merchandise there... so Alhamdulillaah. Kalau tak, mmg kiranya from extreme South to North lah... and it ain't even Raya Eidulfitri yet!!! :P Starting point for each delivery.... Bandar Baru Bangi. So kira memang MIDDLE to SOUTH and NORTH la :D

Anywayz, Alhamdulillaah... All the kuih rayas were delivered successfully. Since this is the first time my wife's doing business... kira takpa la kot. Next time we need to be more careful in managing orders and planning deliveries :D Oraits... Shelamaaat 
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