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Baru tahu

Went to see Expendables last week. Then, saw (heard is more appropriate) Bruce Willis' dialogs were not censored. F-words bersepah-sepah. Then I related to my experience watching Predators 2010. Walaweh... so now, if the movie is 18-SG (or maybe also PL and SX)... then indecent language will no longer be censored? Although I agree that it makes the flow a whole lot better... but having to hear swears here and there is a bit 'different' and sometimes down right weird in Malaysian's Asian setting.

But I realized that one part did have dialog censoring... The part where the black guy was talking about his big machine gun (which sounded like a canon once fired). Maybe that one was too lewd.... :P kot? Anywayz... itu sahaja update terkini. Salaaam aleykom :D
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