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Still in Bangi :)

It's been 4-weeks since I last seriously laid eyes on my PhD work. And I have to say... It's been nice :) Since the beginning of my studies (and now reaching it's end insyaAllaah), I've never taken a long holiday. Maximum pon dalam 1-week gitu... and even during that time, it was filled with activities involving family related obligations, errands etc. This raya... I am totally lazing off... Just did some work @ the beginning of my coming back to Bangi. For the remainder of the time... I've just been malas-ing by having drinks with frens and watching TV WHILE catching up with the world that I've so long been 'detached' from.

Today... I am back at work. But still in Bandar Baru Bangi. I brought my computer home with the hope of getting at least a smidgen of work done. Now that I've already turned it on, so insyaAllaah jap lagi I will start with some (inefficient) MATLAB coding :D Wannywayz... I do feel a whole lot refreshed now. Taking time off from my PhD lab seems to have paid off. I have learnt my lesson... taking time off means to really2 let everything hang... and enjoy ureself to the permitted max :D Don't be doin' too much physical activities that make U tired. Only do those that will make U feel good and happy!!! Don't also be thinkin' of work. Time rehat, just don't think of it at all! Of course sikit2 akan terfikir, but just brush all those thoughts away. I'll have plenty of time to be doin the work back @ the lab ye dok :D

Anywayz... I'm still in Bangi also, becuz of another reason. One of my long time frens is holding his wedding reception on the 25th of September. So, mmg kena mau pi. I missed the bride's side in Kelantan (cuz it was on the 4th day of Eid Ul-Fitri). So, yg Bangi punya side (his side) mmg tada buleh miss lah insyaAllaah.

Wokes... apa2 pon, after 25th, mau kena balik Penang. Oraits... Shelamaat :D

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