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Breaking Fast @ Residence Hotel Uniten... Tq Ina bini Ani :D

Yesterday marked the first time I broke (Ramadhaan) fast at a hotel. Thanks to Ms. Adlina Adnan, wife to Mr. Ani/Malik/Suhaizam (same person but with 3 names). She gave away four free coupons to my good friend, Mr. Azrul Azmi bin Mohd Amin bin Kayat (yes, I somehow have the knack of memorizing people's grandfathers!!!). Not wanting to bukak pose alone, Azrul invited myself and Mr. Awang Selamat bin Karim. There was still one extra coupon though. After the futility of searching for Bangi-an homies... we ended up inviting one of my MRSM Terendak friends, Mr. Helmi bin Mohd Shah, who apparently hasn't gone back to his Masjid Tanah kampung yet :) Rozqi dia dapek makan free kat hotel, hehehe. After cukup korum... we all sat down to very2 delightful buka puasa dishes, Alhamdulillaah :D

I for one ate:
  1. One date and fruits,
  2. Barbecued lamb (or was it just normal goat meat... donno),
  3. Char Kuey Tiow,
  4. Nasi Beriani with Tandoori Chicken and Beef Beriani,
  5. Shawarma (that kabaab thinggy you can find @ pasar malams or pasar ramadhaans),
  6. Chocolate mousse,
  7. Red jello,
  8. Cakes and pastries (which to my surprise, almost all had DURIAN flavoring!!! Yuckz!!!) - I do love durian as a fruit, but as derived products or flavoring... tada bules diterima dek tekak dan logik akal :P,
  9. Ayor sirap (yg. I had to refill sendiri since waiter dok layan orang2 yg lebih VIP, I think...),
  10. Teh tarik,
  11. More barbecued lamb.

Walaweh... when writing all that down only can I see how MUCH I actually ate!!! Banyak gak tuh :P Ish... Patutlah pagi tadi terpaksa melawat En. Tan utk. sesi 'beruang'... Hmmm... Tapi takpe. Overall, the dishes were quite good. Except for the durian flavoring part. So weird, that even the chocolate and cheese-based cakes had durian taste! Like I said, I like durians... but only as a fruit (with one exception being tempoyak). But as flavoring to food that isn't supposed to be durian? Hmmmm.... Tak berapa seshuai I reckon. But then again, that is my tongue. Maybe the majority of people love it that way... Wallaahu a'lam.

Oh... btw, the price for the buka puasa buffet @ Residence Hotel Uniten [Jupiter Coffee House] was actually RM63++. Well, at least that's what the coupon states. But Alhamdulillaah, we had it all for free!!! TQ again Ina!!! Kalu tak free, takde de nak makan bukak pose mahal2 gini, ye dok? Hehehehe.... Oraits... SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!!! Mari layan beberapa gambar (gambar itu Helmi takde tapi... pasal x sempat amik time kusyuk makan... dia sampai lambat...

My meal... I actually didn't want rice. But somehow the mamat @ the food counter put rice in my plate. Bedal sahaja lah iya :)

Mr. Azrul Azmi bin Mohd Amin bin Kayat... who will be losing his 'freedom' on the 3rd/4th day of Eidul Fitr :) InsyaAllaah, other 'things' will be lost as well... but in a good way and for a good cause. Hehehehe...

Mr. Awang Selamat bin Karim. Face looking sad maybe due to waiting for the muadzzin, who at the time, did not yet sound the azan :P

Ahmad Troxion bin Jaaper :D Me and my weapon to attack the food.

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