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E-Cigarette Report - 1

As promised, I am giving my first report on the e-cigarette that I bought, with the hope that it can wean me off real cigarettes... and as time passes by, wean me off these e-cigarettes as well. I will show what you basically get when you buy an e-cigarette set, and also comment on the 'taste' of this vaping device.

Ok. The brand that I bought is Smoker Haven ( Mainly, I only see their name when looking for e-cigarettes in Malaysia. I mean, they're like the only brand that's gone 'public' and are opening booths from Queensbay Mall, Penang to Alamanda Putrajaya, Selangor (there are a bunch of other branches on their website). The starter set (starter kit) I bought was the COMPACT one, where the main feature is that the e-cigarette comes in a two piece set:



The battery of course, acts as the power supply. It's a rechargeable lithium-ion battery if I'm not mistaken. Those two silicone thinggies are not related to the battery. I just put them there so that it holds the battery in place for the logo to be visible :D

The cartomizer is a contraption where inside, there's a heating element, and a cloth-like material that holds the liquid falvor and some propylene glycol. Nicotine is an option, where these cartomizers come from ZERO to HIGH nicotine doses (since I wanna stop, I opted for the LOW dosage. Ada la sikit, but tak rasa sangat). Basically, the heating element heats up the liquid mixture, where an atomizer (within the cartomizer) turns the liquid into WATER VAPOR... Therefore, e-cig 'smokers' aren't called smokers, so to speak. They are referred to as VAPERS :) No burning occurs, so they say it's healthier and has no side effects (they say laaa.) So there's not tar and all those other 4,000++ dangerous chemicals that cause people's lungs to collapse.

Anywayz, to start puffing... connect the (charged) battery to the cartomizer... and voila! You're ready to vape. The way to vape this thing though, is a bit different from normal ciggies. For one thing, you don't have to light up :P The best way to enjoy an e-cig is to sedut slowly, in a controlled fashion. It's like... suck it in for 3-5 seconds... slow and steady. If you inhale too quickly, then U might risk getting the liquid mixture into your mouth! Uwek... Then of course, vape as you would smoke a normal cigarette. But I warn, this also needs practice since ure introducing a new kinda of 'chemical' to your throat. Chances are, if you go too fast, you will batuk terbahak-bahak!!!

Connection through screwing... hmmm... now that doesn't sound entirely 'right'
Front view of the ready to vape e-cigarette
Top view of the ready to vape e-cigarette
The illusion of BARA API!!! This light is actually useful, as it will blink 8-times indicating the battery is almost kaput :) Each time you suck it in, the light will come on. Owh, the ligth also comes on if you scream at the cigarette. It seems to be sensitive to sound as well... [kena blur 'perokok' ni, pasal takut kena saman ke apa ke later on :P]

Smoker Haven provides a variety of flavors with varying amounts of nicotine. I think, the fun flavors all have ZERO nicotine (not sure, but I think so). These fun flavored ones are such as Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and others. Kinda makes me wonder sometimes... why would anyone want to smoke a chocolate bar? Other flavors are such as (inspired by) Marlboro Red, (inspired by) Dunhill, Mint/Menthol and Tobacco. And as I mentioned, the levels of nicotine are HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW. 

Tastewise... Hmmm... Really, if you're not serious about using this device to replace your smokes... you might not use it for long. At first, the taste is not as 'good' as real ciggies. I mean, it's weird! But with tekad dan usaha, I got used to the taste. The Marlboro and Dunhill flavors are kinda ok... but only at the LOW nicotine level. I accidentally got a HIGH-level when I first bought the starter kit, and whoaaaa... it tasted like... NOT MARLBORO!!! The overall taste for the LOW ones are kinda, sweet :) Sweet and weird... but vape-able :) Kinda nice taste. Can't quite describe it... but it's like... artificially nice :P Oh... but the taste gets bad when the cartomizer starts to run out of juice :( This is because the heating element has no more liquid to burn, and ends up burning the soft cloth that held the flavor liquid mixture thinggy. Cartomizer lifetime... 2-5 days... depend on how you vape it.

Okes... that's all I guess for this time. At the moment, I haven't experienced any bad side effects from smoking this personal vaporizer of mine. E-cigarette fanatics say there're no side effects at all. But I doubt it since this product is man made. Sah2 ada side effect :P Maybe more studies need to be done...

Anywayz... I think I'll stop here first. I leave you with the pictures of the other stuff I got in the starter kit. Asalaam aleykom WBT :)

The box... lawa jugak iye? I think this is a re-branded version of the US brand - Smoking Everywhere
Compartments to keep all the stuff
This is the PCC - Portable Charger Case. The upside-down battery you see there is screwed tight into the charging socket located at the base of the case. You need to charge the case in order to charge using the case...
PCC power - shows how much juice your PCC has left
Power socket with USB slot, USB cable, and a PC/Socket USB adapter
This is how you connect to charge the PCC
Another (and faster) way to charge the battery. Direct current input!!!
USB charging can also be done. Another 'healthy' use for you PC :)
Cartomizer box. Design is quite nice. As you can see, there's the label MBR L (Marlboro Low)


Anonymous said...

let us continue to prove that this e cig is better for malaysian !

Stop the government from banned it

If they want to ban e cig make sure they ban real cig

If they don't ban real cig let us sell e cig and charge low tax

Simple as that

Agree ?

Ask everyone to support e cig

It is really healthy if compare to real cig

You will feel the different

yaya|azura said...

Semalam encik suamiku pulang membawa e-cg. Dengan gembira dia ber e-cg di mana-mana tanpa perlu risau. Aku rasa bagus gak sebab at least tak mudarat to our baby ni ha... and tak berbau kan kan kan kan? One more thing, tidak menghasilkan kotoran! :)

Mr Azwad said...

Inspired by Gudang Garam ada? :P

Alfian_Troxion said...

Anon: Aiyaa... Masian govt pon nak ban ka? I really2 think all of this is motivated by $$$. I am sure that e cigss will have some sort of effect (not sure good or semi bad/good).. but @ the moment we dont see any rite? I mean, non reported on the e cigg forum. But if they really do ban, aiyaa... susah la ini macam.

Yaya: Walaweh... alhamdulillaah. ada pak arab sini pon dia share beli ngan member dia. Harap2 this e cig is betul2 what it says it is la. pagi tadi first time bini aku tengok e cig ni. dia kata skg ni nafas aku takde busuk sangat dah... alhamdulilllaaaah :D

Azwad: Hahaha! Gudang garam inspired? Thats an idea :P BUt still, the flavors that they have (esp. the cig brands e.g. dunhill and marlboro)... dont even taste like the original :P tapi ok gak la. like i said... vape-able :D

Sad said...

Jawa, classmate aku kata dia nak try e-cig ni dia kata dia dah cuba macam macam sampai dah cuba acupuncture lagi cucuk kat muka dan hidung tapi tak berjaya dia kata dia nak try e-cig nanti aku tanya berkesan ke idak naaaa.

Alfian_Troxion said...

kat sana aku tengok banyak variety of brands la Sad. So senang mau pilih, n kualiti buleh compare2. Plus ada refund policy etc (some without restocking fee aku rasa). So kot2 hang nak cuba pon ok :D hehehe. Ada satu tu... White Cloud? Mcm ok aku baca, but of course tak tau hal sebenar la.

kalau kena style e cig ni, n kalau dah biasa, mmg macam rokok biasa. n aku rasa mmg buleh nak quit the actual ciggie. Cuma, in the end takut2 ter stuck kat e cig la pulak... which is ok since its supposed to be healthier. hehehe

faiq57 said...

kat alamanda ada jual rokok tu.

Cenangau said...

Perasa Gudang Garam Surya ada?

preeti said...

Electronic cigarette works with the help of a battery and gives you the similar experience of smoking an actual cigarette.

Electronic cigarette starter kits

electronic cigarette said...

Wow this is cool post...liked it, better then article get to know through image. I use e-cig form 3 years & its really good experience.


Anonymous said...

dah masuk web smokerheaven tu. tapi kenapa tak ada yang macam tuan tanah punya ni.. tengok kat web tu besar gedabak plak rokoknye. tak macam yang dalam gambar blog ni.

Alfian Abdul Halin said...

Tuan tanah pon dah tak guna set smoker haven ni. dah upgrade ke Mod ZMax :) ... yg jenis2 mcm rupa rokok ni, setahu saya la, dah kureng popular sekarang. Orang prefer yg modified e cig, Besar gedabak sket. Yang kat smoker haven tu, rasa2nya dia orang amik Ego style e cig, mmg dah takde rupa rokok dah :) ...

Mahap dah lama tak update blog ni :P

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