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Siti (Sanyo), Layan Pak Azmi, Mazda Tiga Tengah Dua and Tambah Nasik 3 Kali... Kisah2 kenduri ET :D

Myself, Raja Azhar and Mr Faizal Zainoldin together-gether went to ET's wedding reception in Jitra. She held it at KOLEJ HEIGHTS UTARA, Jitra... a place where we initially thought that a private college existed within it's premises. Tapi tengok2 takdak pon? Tapi takpe.

Being men, we 'forgot' to bring the map and relied on instinct to find the place. Mr John mula2 said that it might be at Kelab Darul Aman. Hahaha! Jauh sangat dah tu. But since we all terforgot nama tempat dia, we decided to look at wedding sign-boards. Cari punya cari punya cari... no wedding sign-boards bearing the names of 'Alem n ET appeared. The only one we found that had a 'ti' word in it was of "Siti (Sanyo)" and some other mamat. I didn't quite understand why, but we had quite a laugh at the concept of Siti (Sanyo) :D Dekat 1-km lebih jugak la dalam kereta mengeluarkan macam2 teori why the gal's name was Siti (Sanyo), even though it was obvious that they wanted to distinguish the bride as being Ms Siti from the Sanyo factory. Anywayz...

Last2 sekali tak tau jugak kat mana... we called the lovely Miss Junita Nawawi a.k.a. Chubbster, who was also headed the same way. Of course she had the map and the name of the place... so dari situ la baru tau that we needed to head towards Kolej Heights Utara Club House :D 

We were the first guests to arrive! Mana tak, belum kul 12 dah sampai! So we duduk2 dekat the club house, and layan borak dengan pak cik guard Azmi... who happened to be an ex-army. Habis la dengar cerita dari kes VAT 69 sampai la Mazda TIGA-TENGAH-DUA (Mazda 3-2-3... term baru tu! Hahahahaah!)

Wedding ET was da very2 best... where I had 3 servings altogether. Each time, buat2 macam orang yg baru sampai... hehehehe. There was the usual lauks... ayam masak merah, daging kicap and gulai daging... and also some other stuff. But they way the daging kicap was cooked especially, kasik terlioq sampai tambah kali ke 3 (the third time tu ada ikan masin dari mana mai tak tau?)...

Gamabr tak sempat nak snap la tapi. Kenyang sangat kot time tu.... hehehe. Anywayz, camera man ET ada la snap a few pics of us. Okes. Apa2 pon, kita tunggu kehadiran gambar2 dari kemra man ET and Alem... Oraits... In all, we wish the pengantin baru of ET and Alem to have a happy beginning... and selamat mengharungi alam perkahwinaaaan... :D Salaaam
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