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I went along with a friend (who prefers to remain anonymous) to Jusco Perda a few nights ago to buy a TV for his Mum. I think it was at Sen-Q (or was it Seng Heng?... but surely from one of the Sengs) that we finally found the right TV at the right price and right measurements. You see, my fren's mum's cabinet is exactly 32-inches wide... so the 32-inch TV has to be less than 32-inches in width. Firstly went to TESCO... they had many good offers! But they had no measuring tape. Even kat hardware department dia pon tak jumpa measuring tape nak kebas :P So we couldn't be sure about the measurement. Plus, one of the sales-guy dengan selamba meng-confirmkan to us that it was 30-inches wide! This sorta really2 pissed us off pasal dia ke nak tanggung  kalau measurement salah nanti? Pala HOT betul.... really2 felt like giving the guy a taste of my shoe....tapi sabau.

So we went to Jusco Perda after that. Kat sana we had the tape, and did all the measurements. Ok, puas hati... BELI! :D My fren beli lah. Now he is the proud owner of a 32-inch LCD TV, brand TOSHIBA REGZA... where in the distant future he will disown and give to his mum. Baikkk budak ni :D Ada 4-HDMI slots tuuuu.... (gempak ke tu? hehehe. Saja tulis pasal tu je yg saya ingat pasal TV tu yg lain sket dari TV lain). Anywayz... bawah ini adalah gambar2 nya.

Proud owner of the Toshiba Regza 32" LCD TV

Dalam troli :)


Testing with cerita LEGION... gila sesat cerita tuh

HOUSE - S07E02

Siapa ni ek? Matlan Marjan ka? 

Actually, before heading back, we had an Indonesian dinner. RESTOREN AYAM PENYET!!! (Yes, penyet as in penyek!!!). Firstly, TERIMA KASIH kepada tuan ampunya TV kerna lanja saya makan malam tu :D Alhamdulillaah... Anywayz, the restaurant sells ayam penyet, lembu penyet, ikan keli penyet... and other penyet stuff. I have to say, even tho sounding a bit ngok-ngek (the name  I mean)... the food there is quite good, and also a bit expensive lah. The set included rice + 1/4 chicken [with some lettuce, cucumber, some fried tofu and semi-hot sambel]. Each set costs  RM9.50! Maybe cheap for KL standards... but for Seberang Perai.... mcm mahal sikit. Tapi takpe la... sekali sekala :D Okes... below are some pics. 

Poster inside the restaurant

The set from afar... Lupa pulak, ada order SUP RAWON apa ntah... quite nice

This is the chicken set (RM8.00)

Closeup view of de ayam penyet. Nicely fried and the meat is tender. Maybe bcuz it was penyet-ed

Indonesian Iced-Tea

Closeup of the soup... At the end, it got a bit salty... or was that the remnants of AJINOMOTO??? :o


JohnLabu said...

hahaha... RR

Alfian_Troxion said...

RR - Rahsia Rahsia. Hahahahaha!

Peraih udang dari Zimbabwe said...

Salam Pian,

Very good choice for purchasing a Toshiba LCD TV by ur friend. I'm also a proud owner of one of it.

Pasal saiz skrin tu, biasanya kalau kita tgk nombor siri kat bahagian belakang TV tu dapat kita tahu berapa inci saiz skrin tu, eg. 32AV700B...

Lastly, LCD ni biasanya ada dua jenis, yg hanya HD ready (720 p) ataupun Full HD (1080p). Full HD punyer resolution yg paling mantap, kalau tgk channel HD atau movie Blu-Ray mmg gempak. Nak mantap lagi kena tgk refresh rate dia, lagi tinggi, lagi bagus, cam 200 Hz ker...

Skrg ni teknologi HD TV dah maju sgt, baru jer keluar LCD yg paling latest, dah keluar pulak LED TV dan 3D HD TV, yg tu mmg den x mampu nak beli...

Sorry Pian, aku dah jadi cam jurujual TV pulak :-p

Alfian_Troxion said...

takde masalah en peraih udang dari zimbabwe :) actually saiz tv tu mmg kitorang tahu 32 inches. n like u said, from the model name tu leh agak. yang dia concerned is kelebaran TV tu. kalau 32 inches tu, kira diagonal measurement dia. yg ni dia nak tengok horizontal measurement. bila ukur, REGZA ni ngam2 30 inchi lebih sket :D So muat la kat kabinet mak dia. hehehehe

lepas member aku dah beli TV ni, dan lepas dah tengok a few HD movies... mmg terasa cam nak beli pulak. kekeke. tapi tunggu abis PhD dulu la kot insyaAllaah. hehehe.

anywayz. tq for the info about HD tv tu. sebelum ni aku pom blur2, apa dia HD ready, FULL HD dan sebagainya :D heheheh


Anonymous said...

Hi Pian....
First things first....just ignore what jonlabu said.
Number 2, the face of the owner doesn't look like that EXACTLY, I mean there are some features you might consider as REAL....but NOT EXACTLY all of them. Yes, there are people who might think that is the real face of the owner but those guys MIGHT be mentally challenged. Believe me, I thought it was the real picture the 1st time I saw it but after inspecting closely, I would say the photo is edited somehow. Some experts say a shop can edit photos. I couldn't find the shop however. It's called Photoshop. Maybe Mr Pian can here can tell me where the shop is.
By the way, I am also a new proud owner the Regza. I downloaded the Avatar which is in bluray format picture and it was awesome to see tall smurfs jumping on trees on a 32" LCD TV. I thought smurfs would never grow up but I guess I was wrong! I also thought they would make new clothes but they kept wearing the same pants until they were all torn! I was shocked to see those smurfs didn't engage in a 'porn themed extraordinaire' in know. I concluded that the movie didn't turn out to be porn at some point in the end credits.
Anyway, I think Pian is a nice guy whose afraid to smoke 'rokok daun'. I don't think he's a smoker at all!
Please don't think that I am gay (I just got married), pervert, or mentally challenged.

Alfian_Troxion said...

seriusly... i loved the smurf thinggy. mmg buat aku tergelak. Hahahaha! betui gak ek.. aku rasa smurf ni mmg tak reti buat baju... beranak2 dia orang dah besat tu. tetiba ada mutation pulak, they got bigger! but since they didnt know how to make clothes, they were stuck with the old ones... for the smurfettes... unfotunately they could not cover their tops.... but it turned out ok for the male smurfs. kasian sungguh mereka.

but i guess they got millions each by acting in Avatar... now they can buy clothes :D

Anonymous said...

Bro.....yg ni hd ready bukan full hd kan? Berapa harga? Rm1299 smlm tgk kat kedai.....worth it ke beli hd ready?

Alfian_Troxion said...


A ah. yg ni bukan Full HD...
harga dia RM1000 masa beli. ada promo apa ntah.

Member aku ni dia beli utk mak dia... so tak kisah kot HD ready or Full HD :D hehehehe

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