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Weird Fishies From The Sea

Gambar intro - Alpyan n Mr Malik INTEL

Day and Date: Saturday, 16th October 2010
Place: Various locations within the area of Pulau Aman, Penang
Tekong: Abang Zul
ParticipantsAlfian Abdul Halin - Akhmal Ikan Senangin INTEL - Malik INTEL - Cikgu Othman
Fish species caught: Merah (or was it Siakap Merah?) Senangin, Jenahak, Kerapu, Kerapu Singa, Glamour (gelamaaa), Subaru (Daun Baru), Duri, Sembilang and that one Baji. 

Alhamdulillaah. Last Saturday, Allah the most gracious the Ar-Razak gave us the opportunity to go fishing @ Pulau Aman (the darat side of Penang) and also to bring back lots of wonderful fishies :) As can be seen from the 'species caught' list above, we were blessed with a variety of bottom dwellers (except for Senangin, who I think is more of a mid-level-water dweller... I think....).

This time around, we also managed to bring up some quite unique and interesting species... to us at least. For myself, this was the first time I laid eyes on the Daun Baru (Subaru) fish... which has quiet an interesting shape! The mouth also is a bit pointy, with some dots at the upper part of its body. Again, count on Malik to bring up these weird lookin' species. Last time it was him who caught the translucent ikan belacak!!!

Ikan Daun Baru @ Subaru (nama glamer dia kot?)

Also caught were some Jenahaks... small and medium-sized ones that is. The interesting thing is that, most of the jenahaks caught have this big black spot at the rear end of their bodies. Might be another species of the jenahak, or could this be their pattern before actually reaching maturity/full-size? ... Hmmm, ntoh le. But anywayz, Cikgu Othman caught quite a lot of them! Cannot lawan otai one... :)

Cikgu Othman with one of his many many many jenahaks :)

There was also this fish. I forget it's name, but it's basically leper (penyet pon maybe). Already remember it's name now.... BAJI kalau tak silap. The head is as hard as titanium (ok, exaggerate la tu...). But if I'm not mistaken, its meat is quite kenyal... quite nice to eat. Anyone who knows this fish's name, please kasik tau iya. TQ :)

Si penyet whos name I have forgotten...

Okes... and for the 'climax'... I present to you the LION FISH!!! Actually, the guys tell me it's called Kerapu Singa. Even though it ain't got no mane, I won't disagree on the name. According to the guys some more... the flesh is actually quite sweet, and this fish has medicinal properties as well. I for one however, am not looking forward to finding out what those properties are, yet :) Okes... we managed to get quite a few of this fish... 3 if I remember correctly.

My attempt to be as brutal as the fish

It's belly is licin :)

This is me again, tak larat dah nak buat muka brutal. Fish wins face-making competition

Anywayz... again, it was a nice trip. The weather was not that hot, and it didn't rain. The overall catch was also quite good. Banyak jugak la for trip mancing relax-relax :) Okes.... itu saja utk kali ini. Thanks for reading iya :D Salaaam aleykom WBT.

Hasil pancingan, Alhamdulillaah

Fishermen's friend... [since we befriend fishermen, and we ourselves are not actually fishermen....]

Akhmal and his first ever SENANGIN!!!

Myself also... first time ever tangkap senangin, Alhamdulillaah :)

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