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Casio ... Illuminator kot?

Since I have nothing better to write about, I will write about my most recent freebie... well, sort of a freebie. As many of you might know, I am the 'agent' for the arabs @ USM (mostly Jordanians) to buy their flight tickets. Not that I'm an official airline ticket sales rep. or anything, it's just that most of the guys who want to buy their tickets through me are trying to practice the best Islam that they can. One means is to avoid any kind of banking system. This means that they do not put their moneys in the bank. Although there exists 'Islamic Banking' nowadays, some still question the validity of the whole system. Therefore, these people will not have money in the bank, but instead in their homes (or as we Malays would say - duit bawah bantal). 

So, when it comes time to buying the airline tickets, there is no CIMB-clicks, no Maybank2U and also no RHB-2U (weh, RHB ada ke RHB-2U...?), and of course... no credit card. This is where I come in. Since they already have the cash, all I have to do is pay for the ticket using my credit card, and everyone's happy insyaAllaah. Although my card is the conventional type... I try my very best to pay directly after (or a few days after) each transaction. Therefore, insyaAllaah, I will avoid any riba' or interest calculated on any outstanding balance. So I stay riba' free, and my arab friends get to fly with Kuwait Airlines :D Oh... and did I mention that I get to accumulate points also? Thehehehehe.... Anywayz, I do tell them this, and inform them that I thank them for helping me accumulate these points. At the end, Alhamdulillaah, everyone seems happy :D - [By the way, I use Maybank VISA, and unlike CIMB's direct access, they say that no interest will be charged on overseas transaction ON the transaction date itself, which is GOOD!!!!].  

Anywayz, since I've done this for quite many times... and coupled with my own petty transactions... I have managed again to accumulate enough points to redeem a gift :) And yes... I am a boring person, so I redeemed another watch :D This time I took the digital one (since last time I opted for the analogue version). It's a CASIO, and has the writing ILLUMINATOR on it. That's the brand-type name I guess. Anywayz... Alhamdulilllaah, this watch is qutie nice! It's lightweight, doesn't look big like those G-Shock types, and the best thing is that... it has 10-years battery life! Pakai bateri nukelar ke apa??? Anywayz... Alhamdulillaahi Robbil 'Aalameen!!! Okes. Itu aje nak post. TQ for reading this far. Assalaam aleykom WBT.

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