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Lack of Appetite but still in the 80s ++

Lately, I've been experiencing lack of appetite. I mean, yeah, the food around USM ain't that gourmet, but normally I'd eat anything that's halaal :) But nowadays, mcm hilang pulok selera mau makan. Could it be due to the stress? Or is it something else.

Anywayz... altho with less appetite, my last weigh in was at 83.5 kilograms! Hahaha! Now, I think I can qualify for the heavyweight category in any bodybuilding tournament. The only factor missing is the huge bulk of mass, with single digit percentage body fat :P Tapi takpe... This weight is still ok for my build, as people won't call me fat (well, at least not everybody). They'd just call me biiiggggg.... hehehehe. But I truly understand that big here means 'a bit high on body fat percentage'.

Anywayz... hope this PhD thinggy finishes soon. Cuz I just can't concentrate on other things while it's still hanging in the air. Okes... Hmmm... I will try to eat arab food after Zuhr la I think. One thing I know is that, although the appetite's not there, when food is shoved up yer mouth... you just can't say no and will end up finishing what you started :D (make sense ke ayat tu...???)

Oraits... arigato and have a nice day my good readers. Assalaam aleykom WBT.


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