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If you gotta go round corners, meanin you ain't tellin (or SELLIN) the truth :)

Multi-level marketing crack heads are invading my Facebook wall :'( They have to disguise their actual website theme (or even name) with unrelated things in order to get published. Already told FB that such ads were 'OFFENSIVE' [which is quite a serious answer], and I think the FB bots have done a good job at rooting out the actual MLM promotions. Tapi, sesetengah makhluk tu letak laa pulak website dia as - such as the example shown below:

Habau nye hawau

Tapi, in the end, tengok2 VEMMA! I did click just to satisfy my curiosity. The worst thing that it could do is to kill a cat, and there ain't no cat within a 50-mile radius from where I'm viewin' this from :) Anywayz, this is the normal way how MLM works lah. Have to disguise themselves so that people won't actually know who they are. Kalau cakap je VEMMA, sah2 ramai tarus lari cabut angkat kaki. But if the say or some other crappy non-MLM name, and then tell people that they make lots of $$$, then there's a chance people will want to click to see what the fuss is all about. But upon arrival to the actual website, many will of course leave lah. Unless, for those who don't know what Vemma is all about... and also for those who might have cair-ed by the kata2 of some hardcore Vemma-ians :D Anywayz, I just think this sucks :D

Anwyayz.... Drive elok2 balik kg. utk TBC iya :D Salaaam aleykom WBT.


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