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RM200.... RM20... Now waiting for RM2? I seek refuge from God :)

1) The Locksmith incident

The fishing boat safely 'landed' on the shores of jeti Kuala Dulang Kecil at about 5:00 pm. Only 1 Spanish Mackerel and 4-5 bottom dwellers. You'd call it a bad day for the 6 fishermen (myself included). Long story short, I went to the car to kemas2 barang and simpan apa yg patut. At one point, was kemas-ing and packing stuff into the car's boot. Habis simpan, terus tutup boot. You see, my Nissan Sentra has this feature where you can open the boot using the remote, without having to remotely unlock the doors first. Kinda nifty :) However, once you slam the boot shut, it will automatically re-lock the boot with that all so familiar single 'toot' (kalau bukak kereta, 'toot-toot'). Anywayz, habis kemas2... I shut the boot. Then, baru perasan yg my jeans' pocket was a bit empty. Then I realized... aramak... mana aku boh konci kereta tadi? Then only I realized the reality and horror of the situation... My kunci is in the BOOT! 

So, cannot do what what la. The orang kampung tried to help by trying to insert pembaris besi and bent steel through the window opening... but to no avail. They said for Protons and Peroduas, it would've been  synch. But with this Nissan... they cannot figure out how. 

Again, long story short... called a locksmith. He finally arrived @ the scene from Mergong [dekat 40++ kilometer dari tempat kejadian] - at dekat 11:00 pm jugek la. Worked on the door using a detective-like locksmith set. Looks something like this, but his was more complete (the guy can pry open Mercs and BMWs for crying out loud!!!):

Rembatted from here

Total working time: 1-minute 30-seconds.
Total charge: RM200 :)

Ok. Yes, terbang begitu saja. Tapi takpa... Qaddarallaahu Wa Ma Shaa 'a Fa'ala (Muslim 4/2052).

[Mr Akhmal Ikan Tenggiri and Cikgu Othman were kind enough to accompany me throughout the whole ordeal. I really2 appreciate the help and company. Forever I will remember your jasa my friends :)]

2) The Clamping Incident

Hahahahaha! This one is very2 funny for me. I mean, memang hari ni laaa nak balik ke Bangi. Hari ni jugak laa I forget to change parking spot since I had to meet with my supervisor. So, end up kena clamp lah :) I applaud the USM security however, for enforcing such rules. I totally agree with this clamping thinggy. It avoids people to park in unwanted places during active traffic. For my case, normally I park at this particular place during the night, when no other cars are around. But today, I simply ter-forgot!!!! I spent the night in the lab U see, since I oredi surrendered my room back to USM. So, lupa yang kereta parked kat tempat illegal. Tarus kena clamp lah. Padan muka... Tapi takpa, belajar dari kesilapan. The security people were polite and actually gave me a 'discount'. Normally, if people parked illegally at such places (that obstructs traffic), kena RM50!!! Alhamdulillaah dapat kurang dari tu.

[To Harnee Saad, if you're reading this entry... jgn mare sama saya no. Aku park mmg time orang tak lalu. Jadik tidak menganggu sapa2 (as a matter of fact, mmg kalau ada orang pon tak menganggu). Cuma tempat parking nya mmg bukan utk parking lah :) Itu saja. Tapi walau macam mana pon, salah tetap salah. Saman kena bayar juga. Dan aku masih bersama dengan kau utk anti orang parking tempat2 tak patut... hehehe]

Total fine: RM20.

Alhamdulillaah my friend Samiq was there (Pakistani guy who works at the Arab shop), and lent me his motor sikal. You see, I had to go to the Bendahari first to pay the fine. Only then I could call security to un-clamp my vehicle.

I read this banner once. Today, they actually erected a sign board right next to my car.
I can only imagine the pleasure the security people must've had when a car
was parked directly under where the signboard was erected (I think they erected it this morning, since
semalam memang takde lagik...)

Hahahahaha! Padan muka... sapa suruh lupa?

Okes. So there you have it. And all of this during my last-kopek sessions. RM200 [last kopek trip memancing], then RM20 [last kopek jumpa supervisor time cuti belajar]... From a pattern recognition perspective... the next occurrence should be RM2 :P Hahahah! Okes. Itu saja. TQ for reading iya...


sumpit said...

eh, harnee keje kat usm ke?

Peraih udang dari Zimbabwe said...

Salam, I presumed that everything must happened for a reason. Maybe there's hikmah upon all of these incidents. All the best & good luck, mate...

Alfian_Troxion said...

ET: Dok aih. Harnee kerja sendiri laa ni :) Aku cakap camtu pasal kat FB dia aku dok sokong time dia criticize orang yg parking cam haram (e.g. hogging parking spaces)

Nabil: Yeps. me thinking like that oso.... :D hikmah is definitely there. at least the direct thing that I can get out of all this is to remember about my keys alwayzz . hehehehe

Oyis said...

i thought bahasa melayu for wheel clamp is sita roda? dlm banner tut ulis mengunci.. i suppose bole gak kot. condolences atas yg berlaku. moga lps ni Allah turunkan rezeki yg lain pula, insya Allah..

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