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McDonald's Delivery - dah mention ada delivery charge, jadi hantar la sampai ke destinasi ye dok?

Just now I ordered a BIG-MAC McValue Meal through 1300-13-1300... McDonald's delivery. On their website, they said that there's an RM3 delivery charge. So, you'd expect that the food is delivered right to you doorstep (office-doorstep in my case). A few minutes after placing the order, a Seri Serdang McD executive (or manager?) called me saying that she already deployed the rider, and that I needed to pick my delivery up at the guard counter of my faculty. Politely, I insisted that the meal be delivered directly to my room, since it's only on the 1st floor. Plus, RM3 sudah bayar... so, kalau buleh, deliver la sampai doorstep. She said that normally, people would pick up their food @ the guard counter.... But I insisted... and finally she agreed to inform the rider to send directly to my room.

Somehow, the rider must have not gotten the info. Upon arrival, he SMS-ed me this:

"Ambk mcd kat bwh"

Mak ai? Mcm SMS kawan2 je! Not to say that I am above the rider in status or anything. But I reckon, at least gimme a call or something... or maybe a more customer-friendly SMS? ... I was then more adamant to have the food delivered to my room. Ye la kan... dah le dapat SMS tak profesional camtu :P So, I ended up having to call the guy... and told him to come up. It's only 1-floor for God sakes!!! (Some people might turn the whole thing around, that I could've gone down since it's just 1-flloor. I'd do it insyaAllaah, if the RM3 was waived. Hahaha!)

The rider then told me that, the norm was for the customer to pick up the food at the guard counter (same old BS). I insisted politely. I told him, in previous occasions, the rider would send the food directly to my room. He gave an excuse that the previous rider had broken the rules (He mentioned 'langgar', then I didn't quite understand what came after that... but I assume it meant breaking some rule.). But... what da hey la kan? Mana ada such rule macam tu? So, again, I insisted politely, stating my previous experiences with the delivery persons. He seemed annoyed and just said:

"Ya lah Ya lah...." - in a BENGANG-WITH-BLOODY-CUSTOMER tone

Another non-professional, and I have to say, ANNOYING response. He came up, with all helmet still on... gave me the food and the bill, without even saying a word!!! Not even Thank You. I mean, waddahey??? McDonald's staff niiii. Takkan tak diajar etiquette melayan customer kot? Lepas tu dia blah macam tu je.

I have to say, this has not been a good experience. And I don't know whether this is McD policy, or McDonald's Sri Serdang policy. But in all, your delivery boy sucked! And what's up with all these rules that customers have to collect @ the guard post/counter? I don't think its anywhere on the McD website? Haiyaaaaa....

Tapi takpe la. Hope this never happens again. McD... (or McD Badut Rambut Merah), if you're reading this, please rectify the situation iye (I know Maybank read my blog once about a complaint. They called me up immediately to apologize. McD should be bigger and have spies all across the Internet!). BTW... the wierd number that I think records this delivery is S145-27/02/2011-23351. Worait. Assalaam aleykom WBT.


sumpit said...

hampehnye mcD!
dah la naik smpai RM3!!!
mahal tu, aku mkn nasi tghari pon rm3 tau!

Alfian_Troxion said...

murah gile makan tengah hari kau kat jarman tu? anywayz... yeah... budak tu mmg agak kuang ajau... tapi takpe... aku tak kasik dia tip (20 sen duit baki :P)

Sadry said...

Hah customer service mesia layan kita macam kita ni stranger memang stranger pon but still we paid for that so we expect some kind of courtesy la sket walaupon total cost 14 hengget ja pon but still duitkan.

Aku dulu pegi drive through mcd dekat station petronas nak menghala ke uia tu dah la bagi item yg aku order tak cukup bila aku pi mintak fries yang depa tak bagi tu siap cakap dia dah bagi, kalau dah bagi mana peginya tak dak pon kat tangan aku ni. Dia dok ingat aku makan habih lepas tu pi balik nak mintak satu lagi tak dak maknanya la aku nak buat camtu.

Akhirnya selepas aku tunjuk resit berserta item yang depa bagi tu cepat cepat buat buat lawak sebelum tu kemain muka macam hampeh.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Itu mcm pon buleh ka Sad? Tada patot tul :( Dia masih dengan mentaliti tidak purcaya.... Altho aku agree mungkin ada orang akan tipu camtu, tapi tengok2 la bukti dulu. Baru la chas orang buat salah...

Bedaduz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alfian_Troxion said...

heheheh. I know what you mean Bedaduz (altho u deleted the comment, it was already sent to my gmail account). anywayz... actually I don't mind taking it if the rider was polite. kalau dia mention elok2, then maybe I'd go down. I used to order Domino's and also McD when I was at USM, and I was on the 5th floor. Sometimes the delivery boy tak tau tempat tu kat mana, n susah nak sampai. So kalau camtu I totally understand and will go down and amik makanan tu.

But when it's easy to deliver, so apa salahnye dia orang hantar sampai ke depan pintu? Dah le RM3 delivery chas :) So it's my right and basically still within the allowed limits of what a Muslim can demand for.

Lepas tu kena pulak dia kurang hajar. So... diplomacy goes out the window la. I think kalau kau sendiri kena, U'd do the same thing.

And it's ok... I'm all for honesty. But I'd appreciate it if U crafted ure comment with better language. No need to follow sangat orang barat dengan letak words mcm 'bitch' etc :) Plus I'm a guy! How on earth can I be a bitch :P hehehehe

OR... were you the rider? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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