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Buying Printer Toner Online + PosLaju mcm laju je?

I will blog today, insyaAllaah, about buying printer toner online and POSLAJU:


I brought my own printer from home (along with my own PC) since at the moment, there are none available to be given to me. And since this printer is around 4-years old... it's about time the toner 'died'. Not that we really used it that much, but I think sebab dah lama sangat... toner dia pon kong lah. Anywayz... mmg kong dah pon because I can't get a decent printout. Maka, I looked around lah to buy toner for my Canon LBP-2900. Tengok2 dan cari2, jumpa lah this one online retailer in Malaysia [click here]. The toner model was available and priced at RM90. A friend told me that such retailers normally recycle the toner containers... and that RM90 is quite a competitive price. So, antam saja la, tarus I ordered. Tawakkal pada Allaah and hopefully the thing will be in mint condition. One thing I found to be quite interesting is that the seller (picture below), sends the product via POSLAJU for FREE!!! [dia tulis for free la, but of course la kos dah masuk harga barang ye dok. kot...?]. But considering the RM90 price tag... testing saja la. Kalau bagus, lepas ni si Nelson ni ada la repeat customer insyaAllaah :) Try not to let me down iya tuan kepada Toner Cartridge Save. Payment option? Okes... After completing the order kat website dia... I go direct to my Maybank2u dan transfer the money. Lepas tu email to him details apa yang patot. Abish....

The toner... Canon-LBP2900 compatible katanya. Model 303 ke apa ntah... RM90

Bukan Nelson Mandela iye...


This is the first time, I think, that I am trying to track my parcel via POSLAJU. Tengok-tengok, memang macam lajuuuu je pos laju ni? Kalau tak, tak nama pos laju la ye dok? Anywayz... I ordered semalam, and now dah sampai Kajang (sket lagi je nak sampai UPM dah tuuu). Owh, and harap orang POSLAJU takde la suruh myself go down ke guard counter to take my bungkusan (if I'm in the office lah). Hehehe. Kalau tak, mmg nak kena palangkong ini rider.

This is quite laju... kan? Or am I just jakun :P

Okes. Itu lah kisah nye. Sekian, terima kasih kerna membaca ini entry :D Assalaam aleykom.


G-Force said...

Mamat, ko buang jer printer zaman MMEC tu. KObeli printer yg dah modofied sekarang tu, yang ada kaler container kat luar, tu, refil rm10 jer for each color, jimat mamat!
aku beli cap abang (brothers) ok jer cantik dan jimat!

Alfian_Troxion said...

Ni printer utk opis lah....
tapi bagus gak cadangan kau tuhs :D Nanti aku consider utk printer personal. Adik ipar aku ada beli benda camtu masa dia buat degree Interior Design. Nampak mcm bulky, tapi kalau kau kata bagus... ok la. tapi kau mmg suka bulk bulk ni. You steroid user you!!!! Printer pon nak yg on steroids.... HUA HUA HUA!

Nelson said...

I like your blog banner, is that you?
By the way, we are preparing a upgrade of our website. Next month, customer can pay money online via Credit Card & Paypal.

Alfian_Troxion said...

thanks for the compliment Nelson. Yes, that's me :) But that pic was taken some time back. Now I look very much older.

Credit card? That's great! If I don't hef money yet, then can still get ure toner :D Keep up the good work!!!

Nelson said...

Hi Alfian,
After a year, I accidently visit your blog again. :)

When I see my portrait, still a bit suprise. haha~ I don't put my face anymore. Now got two nice ladies in charge for customer service.

We have upgrade our websites

Hope you visit our websites again

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