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Weak and Wobbly and Sleepy... I' Unfit

I have seriously gotten out of shape. Yesterday, I jogged around my parents' housing area. In all it took around 20++ minutes only. Felt quite ok once completing the whole session. But some hours after that, I felt really2 tired and my eyes simply could not be kept open. 

I was supposed to go to Klang to meet up with my friend about fans (yes, kipas angin). On the way, I had to stop at the Serdang rest area and just had to sleep. This time round, I made sure the lights were off before tidur-ing. Hehehehe. Anywayz... after the power nap, managed to drive with more energy to Klang and back to Bangi. Kat Bangi... pon ngantuk... slept from 3:30++ to 4:30++. Bangun to pray for a while, and then sambung tidur balik. Finally woke up at 6:30pm. Head was feeling wobbly all day round... Then at night, also senang tertidur. Normally, kalau dah tidur mcm tu time petang, sah2 malam susah tidur. Tapi ni sonang jo. Anak nangis pon tak kacau sangat :P

Aiya... I believe all of this is due to my current fitness level. I am quite sad on how I allowed myself to come back to this phase in my life. Last time I was at this weight and fitness level was way back in 2001. 10-years later, back in the same rut. Macam economic crisis la pulak iye? Comes and goes in 10-year++ intervals. Anywayz... hmmm... Donno if I can get out of it this time, since motivation level also quite low now. Need a personal trainer la I think :D Oraits. Tq for reading this sad post.... 


arin said...

makan le lagik kamben bebanyak!LOL!

Alfian_Troxion said...

ko aa Arin... cakap kambin best... tu pasal aku makan kambin banyak2... heheheh :P

anywayz, cita2 aku nak kembali ke zaman2 badan mcm kat monash dulu. suar size 34 pon leh londeh wehhhh... kekekeke

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