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Blocking outside emails

Maybe it's just me... but I think it's a bit weird that in this day and age, a bank, is blocking any email from outside. I called Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd. (Parit Buntar branch) and wanted to send them a letter. Firstly I asked one of the excecs... maybe this guy didn't have knowledge about this email-blocking policy and gave me a bank-muamalat address to email my PDF letter to. Dok tunggu tunggu tunggu, takdak respon. Telepon balik, ghupa-ghupanya (and this came from another exec), memang benar lah polisi tu. The don't even have a single  dedicated address for customer contact? Manyak pelikz oooo.

But maybe I myself don't know how the internal policies of companies' work. Maybe there is a reason for blocking outside email la kot? But to the extent of blocking ALL email contact? Mcm tak masuk akal la pulak. Because now, I think banyak benda jugak buat ikut email ye dok? Lepas tu pulak... takkan ada email address, tapi syok dok main email kot dalam kompeni je? This policy was once applied in my old workplace, Matsushita Display Devices Corp. (M) Snd Bhd. But I don't think this applied to the managerial level, sebab KOMPOM dia orang kena email ke Jepun utk itu dan ini dan itu dan ini lagi :) [Eh japs... Muamalat ni pon sama kot? Dia ada mention hanya manager ada Internet access.... ]. Anywayz... Kot2 anyone can shed some light? Eddie Ramonez... If ure reading, adakah polisi2 sebegini masih diamalkan? :) Arigato.


JohnLabu said...

kompeni lama aku dulu cuma manager ja bleh access internet but email tadak masalah

Alfian_Troxion said...

ni internet tak buleh
email pon tak buleh
semua manual...
manager je la buleh layan asia carrera kalau camtu. HAHAHAHAHA!

eddie ramonez said...


banking sector memang macam tu, huge devide between exec/ managerial staff n common workforce. that's why their union (NUBE) everyday gaduh with employer..

anyway same goes for factories.. usually only staff who needed to access email has email address.. nko kasi email accoutn kat operator nak buat apa.. hehehehe

Huba-huba said...

jgn kata-kan Bank Muamalat parit Buntar, Bank Muamalat (ipoh, HQ) pun takde

Aku kene laaa fax kan surat aku drp Aussie ke dia orang, sebab they dont hv email.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Eddie.... yeous. aku faham bab tu. tapi kalau kat satu branch tu sooorang je leh access email, payah aaa. at least exec or senior exec kasik la kemodahan email ye dok?

mmq... let us change banks :D hehehe

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