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Toner Printer Sampai

Today, my printer toner sudah sampey. Had to go to the general office to get it though. Ni musti kes delivery came by when I was not in my room. Tapi, hmmmm... pukul 11:59 dia tulis kat POS LAJU. Kok aku gi mana pukul 11:59? Rasa2 mcm ada kat bilik? Hmmmm... Maybe he did not find the room. Anywayz.... 

For a recycled/refilled toner, it prints quite well [Correction - The owner of the company says that his toners are actually brand new ones, and not refurbished/recycled/refilled] :) So, at the moment the review is OK from me for Let's see how long the quality of this toner lasts. If it's ok, then insyaAllaah lepas2 ni order sama Mr. Nelson saja la :D Shelamaaat.


Nelson said...

Actually, our toner is not recycle or refill. Our toner is brand new unit. So, quality is definitely better. Hope you enjoy our service & product. Nelson -

Alfian_Troxion said...

Whoa... then if that's the case....very2 good la ure price :) ok ok. let's see first how long this toner I bought lasts. heheheh. But at the moment mcm ok la I tengok :)

stacey said...

Saya juga ada buy printer di, it quiet well, and price cheap.

Alfian_Troxion said...

still comparing here n there :) But at the moment nampak cheap jugak la.

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