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Facebook and MLMs (Legalized Pyramid Schemes?)

I really really hate people promoting their MLMs on Facebook. You know, those small ads on your Facebook sidebar (Sidebar la kan? Yg selalu belah right-hand side tu). With words of motivation and promise that earning a good income is easy. Man... I really2 hate these MLM trolls. 

Myself... I've been to a few MLM meetings, and in one case, have joined one of Malaysia's most prominent MLMs. Some use the punch line of improving your own economy. Others will use the Malay/Melayu argument, which is untuk mempertingkatkan ekonomi orang Melayu. But the one I really2 hate and hope those who use this punch line will get hit by a truck is: Nak tolong orang buat duit dan guna produk yang sihat/organik/halal. Bio benau yeop? I mean, how sincere are you at wanting to help your downline? Bila dia orang guna punch line ni la yg aku betul betul berasap. The word TOLONG (HELP) is totally misused here, and the sad thing is that most MLMers sincerely believe their own lies! After joining that one MLM in the past, it was enough for me to see that this HELP punch line is total bull, because the main motivation is to make money money money moooney (sing like The Apprentice punya lagu tema tu). I mean, how sincere can you be by masking greed with a noble intention? Kok, doesn't that make you a Munafiq (Hypocrite)? 

Anywayz... below are some mangkuk hayun adds that I ripped off my own FB page :) All of the pics (except the last one) shows the advert followed by the 'business' website. If you really2 check, most are VEMMA-ians, the magical fruit juice from MARS!!!

Yeah rite... rakan niaga. More to scape-goat downline :P

If you look at this one, and the one after... man, totally template-based.
Both are ex-pendidiks and share the same story of de-motivation...

Try to compare this template with the one above... :)

Altho MLM is not mentioned... tapi kompom kena cari orang. If not, how to make money
just by using Internet?

Yeah... RAHSIA DI SINI... Rahsia akan terbongkar lepas kau upgrade ke ULTIMATE :P

Tak pening cari orang? Let realllll (Biar benaarrrr). MLM pesen baru kot tak carik orang ni....

Ok... This one is a bit melampau. JUTAWAN WANITA PERTAMA ASIA!!!!!
Quite the crazy swine statement. Seriously? She's the first Asian woman millionaire?
Tabik spring....

Ni pengaruh Aidid Mu'addib la ni. Hahahahaha! Okes. Shelamaaat....


Mr Azwad said...

Hai Pian,

I see your points. This is a rather thorough analysis with a lot of examples hehehehe!
Business to me only means sells services/products to people and is not about recruiting downlines, uplines,headlines, deadlines hehehe

Cherios bro! I hear you :)

AyunasiA said...

HAHAHA sama la. kena brainwash dgn aidid. tp i dah terlebih dahulu dah.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Azwad: Hahahaha! I like all you 'lines' :P Most become dead-lines tho...

AyunasiA: Den baghu jo start baco blog dio. Dalam sobulan lobeh baghu. Tapi mmg semuo point dalam palo den bersetuju bobonau ngan pendapat aidid muaddid tuh :P Kecuali part affiliate la. kadang2 dio samokan affiliate program ngan pyramid. ado affilate yg tak pyramid :)

cek chun said...

i came here to see ur post on kg pelet. patut ler pernah nampak u somewhere.

yang penting, dapat ilmu dan tak terjebak lagi.

Alfian_Troxion said...

nampak kat mana tu cek kun :D u pon student (staff?) USM ka?

Anonymous said...

actually yg jutawan tu memang betul. siap masuk cover majalah jutawan lagi. kesian aku tgk korang ni. org lain sibuk buat duit korang buat ketupat. hahahaa... kesian kesian..

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