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An MLM promoter and Her Facebook Advertisement

After starting to read Mr. Aidid Mu'addib's blog about MLM and pyramid schemes, I have further sealed my belief that such 'businesses' are indeed crap. For that, I thank you Mr Adidid from Aidid Leaks :)

Anywayz, today I stumbled upon another advertisement on my Facebook side bar. The add was as follows:
Just email forwarding to get RM3800 per week? I wonder why George Soros never thought
of something similar in the past. Maybe... DUUUHHHHH!!! That it's impossible to get such income
just by doing something simple as forwarding email... I think la.

As can be seen, no mention of the business name. Moreover... it's very appealing!!! You don't need to sell anything and can get that amount of income? Maan, am I in the wrong business. Anywayz, I clicked on the link to see where it would bring me. It brought me here:
Ok. Gandakan pendapat anda!!! (Multiply you income). And just by working at home. Orait.
Still consistent with email forwarding  since U can do it within the comfort of your humble abode :) 

Then I filled in the box with some details. Then VOILLA!!!! Sampai la ke website Vemma:
Owh.... VEMMA ke? Awat tak cakap siang siang?

This is the screen shot of a VEMMA Builder website. For those who do not know, Vemma basically sells a magical fruit juice (and other stuff also) that they claim have healing properties unheard of in modern times. And if I'm not mistaken, it's derived from the Mangosteen fruit? Manggis tu bai? Tapi takpe. I've heard that some people, who don't actually do the VEMMA MLM way, have reported the benefits of the juice. Wallaahu a'alam. Kalau ada benefit, Alhamdulillaah.

The only thing is that, why have to hide-hide one? I mean, takbleh ke stret away kata... VEMMA BUSINESS!!! VEMMA JUICE!!! COME JOIN AND MAKE MONEY!!!!

Ok. I will try to answer that question myself. The main reason of course, is because it's an MLM. People are tired of MLMs and most MLMs are pyramid schemes masquerading as valid businesses. So, if you directly say you're promoting an MLM business, not only people, but the local biawak gabok and also tupai sangguragan will also pick up their bags an leave MALAYSIA!!!! 

About this particular advertisement... haaaa. Ni yg aku nak marah sangat ni. Ada ke tulis dengan sending emails saja buleh generate ribu riban? Misleading sungguh. Anyway, if the ad were true... meaning that by sending emails alone you could get thousands per week... maaan. That is soo soo a blurry and (I think can be categorized as) gharar (unclear?) business, which in Islam is prohibited! And the worst thing is that most of these businesses are promoted by Muslims? ... Hmmmm...

Anywayz... tak pa la. At least in this post, if people read la, I have shown a bit of Vemma people's modus operandi. I mean, ye la, takde masa kan korang nak isi borang online tadi tu kan? Hehehehehe. Oraits. Hope this has benefited everyone. Assalaam aleykom WBT.


Eddie said...

Cis! dah ku khobarkan dulu MLM nie penipu... pastu tak buat APA referencing pada aku lak tu sebagai sumber

Alfian_Troxion said...

Hahahaha! Gila nama ini oreng :P weh mamat. asal ko tak balas email aku pasal member aku tu daaaaaaa....

eddie said...

email mana daa...
member mana daaa...
gmail aku banyak junkmail kang aku check balik...
nko email pasal member nko jual MLM ker? kalau camtu sah sah masuk spam box gmail...

Zaki said...

Mari masuk MLM saya. Masuk RM10. Tiap2 hari dapat RM100

Alfian_Troxion said...

eddie: aku dah repost kat freescale address kau :)

Zaki: weh! aku nak masuk weh!!! hahahahahaha!

Azzam At-Talib said...

wa'alaikumussalam... :)

bab gharar...
yap. ia boleh dikategorikan sebagai gharar.
tapi, kalau pada mulanya, kalau ia lakukan teknik yang lebih baik, jadi isu ini mungkin tak timbul.
such as, for an example:
bila kita klik link kat advertise fb tu, then kita akan dibawa ke link utamanya, dan di situ dia/mereka ceritakan secara lengkap (kalau tak lengkap pun, at least lebih 90% lengkap - mungkin ada sesetengah poin2 dia/mereka adalah privasi bagi persaingan bisnes mereka). kalau begini, maknanya, pengguna akan tahu apa yang mereka dealing with.
tapi lain ceritanya, kalau kita akan dibawa ke link yang hanya cerita lebih kurang (lebih kepada kata2 psikologi - bertujuan untuk menarik pengguna), maka ia boleh dikategorikan sebagai gharar (seperti dalam kes bro Alfian di atas; pada mulanya adalah link yang lebih kepada kata-kata penarik, tetapi akhirnya setelah dimasukkan itu ini maklumat, barulah dibawa ke link yang utama dia/mereka).
dan biasanya, modus operandi sebegini, biasanya adalah matlamatnya untuk mendapatkan emel pengguna. dan awas, jangan sembarangan berikan emel utama anda. lebih baik, jika masing2 kita ada emel sekunder atau lebih lagi, untuk hal2 yang sebegini. banyak onar boleh berlaku jika emel kita diberikan secara berleluasa.
hanya pandangan saya yang daif ini, hanya dari konteks isu gharar di atas. wallahu 'alam. :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

Terima kasih for dropping by bro Azzam :) And I really2 appreciate your insights. So basically kita dalam bot yg sama di sini.

Saya setuju jugak pasal bab isi2 form online tu. Actually, saya pun masukkan maklumat sekunder, jadi insyaAllaah, takkan diganggu lebih2 oleh para promoter business gharar ni :D

Again, thanks for reading and ure comment. Assalaam aleykom.

Mr Azwad said...

biawak gabok? tupai sangguragan?
:P hehehehhe

Alfian_Troxion said...

the biawak one is commonly used in the northern slang. the tupai one I made up myself. :P hehehehehe.

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