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Angry Birds Mania

I think by now, many of us, kids and adults alike, have at least seen or (for most of us) tried out the Angry Birds game. Today, I have vowed not to play Angry Birds because the game is highly addictive. Could be worse than Marijuana!!! (altho personally, I've neber tried Marijuana :P). Anywayz, altho I was not playing, I felt the urge just to do a bit of Googling with the keywords "Angry Birds Mania". I found this video.... Now, this certainly puts a twist on the adage "Don't play with your food" :P Salaaam

Originally found the video here -


Sad said...

Very addictive, aku siap tak sabaq tunggu kelas habih nak main angry birds heheh kadang masa tengah lunch dekat student center pon dok main sampai lambat masuk kelas hahhaha.

Alfian_Troxion said...

we suffer from the same syndrome Sad :P Only aku selalu tergantung pembetulan tesis :P

yaya|azura said...

Now you know aaa? Penangan angry birds. I luv 'em so cute and yes, addictive. :D

Alfian_Troxion said...

Sib bek dah abis main (cuma tak dapat chest tu lagi je). kalau tak, mmg abis masa main menatang tu je la :P

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