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Kelisaku Cerminnya Pecah

Assalaam aleykom. The other day, my Perodua Kelisa's driver-seat window bershepaiii. Thank God it happened when the car was parked with nobody inside.
Bershepaaaiiii... Because I did not apply any tint, tolak sket je tarus makin berkecaii...
Lepas ni kena tint nih...

Crime scene selepas ditinggalkan :)

Actually, ini semua angkara tukang mesin rumput. However, can't entirely blame him since how was he to know that a stone was gonna fly and shatter the tingkap ye dok? Anywayz, Alhamdulilllaahirobbil'aalameen... he said that his boss will ganti (aku ingat dia yg nak ganti :P). A few minutes later, the boss came by, and immediately apologized to me for what had happened. A very nice fella actually by the name of Mansor (teringat citer Kassim Selamat la pulak... kan ke dia kawin Sabariah Mansorrrr). Tapi in all, I wasn't that pissed off. Cuz mmg dah Qaddarallaahu wa maa shaa 'a fa 'a la (basically means all has been ordained by God). Plus, all the people involved were very polite, dari tukang mesin rumput, boss dia, sampai la tukang ganti cermin. Owh, had to go myself to Sungai Besi however. Tapi boss tukang mesin rumput tu bayarkan lah :D Dapaaat cermin baru... hehehehe. Anywayz, itu lah ceritanya. TQ for reading iya :D

Dah ganti daaah :)


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