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Injury and 3-times MELETOP

It has been a while since I updated this blog. I've been quite busy for the whole duration of May 2011... so that's my excuse I guess :P Anywayz... The most recent updates are that:

1. I've finally submitted my thesis. USM requires students to submit 10-copies of the final thesis draft. In my opinion, that's a bit too many. Moreover, USM prides itself as being a green campus... so having students print out too many copies is quite counter productive towards that cause, don't you think? In the end, students say that 3-copies will come back to them, post viva. Since it's not the final copy... you won't wanna keep it for sentimental reasons I reckon. Tapi takpe... hopefully the USM postgraduate office will realize that this policy should be changed. Aaannywayz... VIVA date and all masih belum set I think. So, just have to wait and check from time-to-time when my VIVA will be. Doa2kan kejayaan saya iye :D

2. I sprained my knee!!! It's been a while since I played football (a.k.a. soccer). Since I thought that I was regularly gym-ming... ingatkan kalau main bola kira dah fit sikit la. Maann... was I proven wrong. No one even tackled me! I was trying to turn while controlling the ball when suddenly it felt like I was kicked. Pusing2, tengok takde orang. Walawehhh... takde FOUL la pulak. But directly after that of kos it was pure excruciating pain. Rasa mcm kaki tu bengkok! I think I accidentally got my foot 'stuck' in the soil + grass, and when I wanted to turn, it sort'a didn't budge. So, terpusing la sikit and I think something's happened to my ligaments (the Dr I saw just now sort'a agreed with me oso). Since then, my lutut has meletoped ('exploded') 3-times. Salah pusing sket... POP!!! Aiyoooo. Time meletop tu mmg agak sakit, but after the pain subsides... rasa lega la pulak. Hehehe. Anywayz, Dr asked me to observe what hepen. If pain still there after long time, then kena refer to sepital lah :) Harap2 takde surgery la. Mcm pro football player la pulak kena bedah bedah :P

Okes. Itu lah dia update dari saya. T kasih kerna membaca. Assalaam aleykom.


Amy said...

All the best in your VIVA. Fui sampai meletop2 tu sure sakit orkk? Macam pemain bola professional plak hehhe.

Peraih udang dari Zimbabwe said...

Salam Bro,

My duas are always with u for ur upcoming Viva.

All the best & good luck.

Insya-Allah it will go smoothly...

Oyis said...

wah dah submit aaa pyan. hebat2. all the best with viva. tp melampau la 10 copies. ni era paperless la ckp kat diorg :D

sounds extremely painful la popping2 tu. scary giler!

Alfian_Troxion said...

TQ kepada Amy, Nabil n Noris for the well wishes. viva date lom set lagi pon tapi dah ada gabra sket sket :P

As for the kaki... mmg sakit ooo time meletop. harap2 lepas ni takde bom dah yg akan go off kat area lutut aku neh.... Ameeeen

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