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"I am an imaam..."

What are the chances of someone else with the name of Alfian Abdul Halin? Well, I'd say very slim. If you calculate the probability using Bayes theorem:

I think it's gonna be quite low also. Hehehe. I won't go on explaining how to do it because I might make a mistake and make a total fool out of myself :P But let's just believe as a prior (which is actually P(A)), that observing 'Alfian Abdul Halin' (the full name) si very2 slim. 

Anywayz, yesterday... I was actually trying to see whether people have been citing the two or three conference papers I've written during the course of my PhD. So I Googled for Abdul Halin Alfian (since you know la Mat Sallehs, they index by the last name... which we Malays technically don't have!!!). Tengok2 terjumpa la pulak website niiii... Walaweh... when I found the match for my name... I was quite awed. Ada jugak orang yg nama dekat nak sama dengan Alfian Abdul Halin? Imam masjid pulak tu? kekekekeke. Tapi nama dia betul sikit la compared to my name. I mean, his name is Alfian Abdul Halim, where one of God's 99 glorious names (i.e. Halim) is properly preceded by the word servant (i.e. Abdul). My dad's name ada tershilap sikit masa nurse tu register... since it's Abdul Halin... Tapi takpe...

Anyway, tu je la nak citer. Lepas ni kalau ada orang tersilap dan panggil saya Imam Alpyan, maka saya tidak akan terkejut. Sbb kompom mereka mistaken idontitey... Oraits... Tq for reading iye :D

A screen shot of that Malaysian Insider webpage


Sazly Salfarina said...

kalau betul2 jd Imam pun bagus juge :D ...perawakan dah ade, cer masuk Imam Muda 3 taun dpn :P

Alfian_Troxion said...

tak cukup muda aaa nak jadik imam muda. dia orang tengok rambut aku je dah kene rejek :P

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