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City Link Global Network - How can you claim global when you even suck locally :P

G'day maytees!!! :D 

Anywayz, almost 2-weeks ago, I ordered a printer toner cartridge from tonercartridgesave. Since my previous experiences with them were good, so kira ok la kot nak order lagi satu toner. Annywayz, long story short... today, 20th June 2011, the toner still has not reached my house. [Correction: It has actually arrived, but on Thursday, 16th June 2011... I found out about this after a City Link staff gave me a call. Thanks!] But, the problem is not with tonercartridgesafe. Last time, they couriered the goods via Pos Laju. But this time around, for some reason, the used City-Link Global Network. Actually, I've heard some people relate their (bad) experiences with City-Link. But I just thought that they were the few unlucky ones. Tapi bila dah terkena kat diri sendiri, now I know what they mean. 

Ok... I realize that at times, companies make mistakes. As a rational human being, I totally understand that... I mean, who's prefect ye dok? But as for City-Link's case... susah sket mau kasik maaf la. Firstly, they delivered to the wrong address. I put my UPM address, but for some weird reason, it ended up in Seri Putra!!! KUIS, Sri Putra to be exact. Ok, kejap. UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA dengan KOLEJ UNIVERSITI ISLAM SELANGOR. Jauh gak tu? Tapi takpe la. I rekon it was the PUTRA word that made the delivery guy confused :P Sri Putra vs. Universiti Putra.... (still quite far if you ask me :P)

After that, I managed to get a hold of a City-Link executive/clerk/admin staff. She was totally blank... hehehe. Then, I was passed to another less blank person, which led to another person... This person was a bit less blank... but he was blank nonetheless... I believe he just held a position in the company where blank-ness was not tolerable. So he just pretended he knew what he was talking about, and took down my number... and of course, promised to call me back. Tunggu tunggu tungguu tunggu tunggu.... no one called me. I ended up calling them many2 hours later :P 

Anywayz, after cakap tu dan ini dan ini dan itu, finally they told me that they would send it by Friday. I waited lah... but again, tada sampai juga la. Not surprising :) Then, they called me on that Friday telling me that the person who initially  delivered the goods dah dua hari tak datang. So jadi susah nak track down the goods ke apa ntah.... Watakungchi??? You hire stupid people like that? Patut la goods sampai tempat lain. Annnywayz, dia orang kata... "Ok encik. Esok pagi kami hantar...". I told them that I wouldn't be at the address on a Saturday, since it was office address. So suruh la depa reroute to my home address, which is in Bangi. For courier people, I was quite shocked that they were blank on where Bangi is. Aiyaa... tapi takpe. Kasik poskod then tarus kasi diam saja.

Satuday came and went. Tada sampai juga itu toner lah. All of this got to the ears of Mr. Nelson from tonercartridgesave. Nice guy this fella. He offered to send me another one in place of the possibly lost toner. And he said, if the initial one finally turned up, he offered it to me at 20% of the price. I think he has also followed up on the issue. Tapi takpa la. Mr Nelson, I know that ure company is good, and I like the customer service very de much :D But I think, next time let's go with PosLaju :D Altho they too can make mistakes, at least I've never had the experience I had (am am still having pasal toner tak sampai2 lagi) with City-Link... Anywayz, takpa la. Sabar saja lah :)

Today, the 20th of June 2011, after my 1-week trip to Singapore, the toner is still not at my doorsteps (I'd be very happy if it at least made it to my letter box :P). [It actually already arrived, but on the 16th or 17th. The clerk in the admin office told me 16th. But on the box, there's sorta proof indicating 17th... one week after the promised date...] Aiya City-Link. Kata City-Link GLOBAL NETWORK!!! Nak hantar pegi Bangi pon tak sampai, camne nak hantar seberang laut? Silap ari bulan alamat tulis Sea Port, dapat delivery guy mengong, dia hantar kat Triton dan ketam dia kat Under da Sea.... Ye la kan... word 'Sea' tu sama.... maka kesilapan adalah amat2 highly likely. Oraits. Shelamaaat.

Delivery tracking... Pos biasa kot2 dah sampai dah, iye tuan?


&137 4P15 said...

sian pula ko jadi mangsa city link ni....sabo banyak2....nak marah pun tak selesai kes hehehehehe....aku ingat orang yang hantar package ko tu dah terKUIS kepalanya ke KUIS hehehehhe....

Alfian_Troxion said...

hehehe. aku tak marah sangat. cuma aku bengang sket sbb dia orang ni patutnya courier service... tapi serbis mcm cipan. kalau diikutkan, lepas dah dapat pembetulan nak hantar tu, still dia orang tak buat betul2. tu yg aku agak marah sedikit (tak banyaak :P). Lepas tu pulak, hampir 1 minggu lepas tarikh pembetulan pulak tu. kompom lepas ni aku tak guna City Link kalau ada pilihan lain. hehehe

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