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Posting from Singapore - Machine Learning Summer School ended

Alhamdulillaah... I managed to sit through more than 3/4 of the classes at the Machine Learning Summer School organized by the National University of Singapore at the Matrix, Biopolis (whoa, that was a mouthful). I have to say that I did not understand most of the things the speakers were talking about (and I believe I am not alone)... but at least I now have an appreciation for the field and know what the potentials are. I also now have a better idea of what I SHOULD be doing in terms of research (I think :P).

Anywayz... it was an enlightening experience. It was sad though because I met no one from Malaysia. Kalau tak, kok lagi senang nak ber-network. What? You asking me "Asal tak network ngan orang overseas???". Well, in order to network, I have to have something to network about. Since research group pon tak betul2 established lagi, it would be a bit embarrassing to link up with an expert (or expert to be, since ramai student Postgrad yg attend) and tell them that we're doing.... Mmmmmm.... What are we doing again? :P

Anywayz, tak lama lagi buleh la kot insyaAllaah. For the time being, belajar betul2 dulu. Ye, dah tua2 ni mmg lagi banyak nak kena balajar. Nak2 kalau nak apply machine learning dalam kerja. Heheheheh. Tu baru nak apply... kalau nak BUAT dalam area ML ni... haaaa... tu kena belajar lagi mendalaaam. Kena carik tok guru kat Gunung Al Harvard ataupun paling dekat Lembah Al Singgapur....

Okes. Gambar takde lagi. But insyaAllaah will be coming soon. Oraits. Masalaam :D 


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