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Anger... the way I view it (and the way I think I experience it), is an intoxication of the soul. Same as if when you're drunk on alcohol... Some say (and I've read somewhere) that we get angry when we allow the heart to be resided by Satan or his soldiers... :( Sad... but true! :(

The Anger Process

[click picture to enlarge]

Starts with getting mad/angry due to some sort of provocation (similar to the drinking phase),

Then, reacting towards the provocation-stimuli in a very2 unpopular and unliked fashion whilst being out of control of one's own mind (similar to doing something stupid when your head's somewhere in the coulds when you're drunk) --> with the possibility of hurting ones-self or other people physically or mentally (like ramming into a pedestrian when the drunk decides to drive),

Continues with the cooling down or sobering up period (since I've never sipped alcohol, I don't know how to relate to this... maybe when they sleep after a night of booze?),

and Finally, when the intoxicated mind realizes what's happening, when the anger goes away, only then does one realize what has happened... and what damage has been done (the hangover the next morning...)... This is where repentance sets in.... or worse... regret!

But at least, with hangovers, it goes away with time... or after a remedial concoction of Tabasco sauce plus coffee plus... i don no... saw it in a movie once :P

But after being angry, and with the possibility of hurting someone physically or mentally... the damage normally remains... It stays... Not much can be done....

Some might say it's better to be drunk than angry! LOL! :P But of course, not true :I

Anywayz... just a point to ponder, especially for my own self :) Being angry is a human instinct... but it's how we control it, or how we face and react to the stimuli is what matters. Of course we get pissed off when someone shits on our car (extreme example :P)... and of course Hancock gets mad when he's continuously called an A-hole.... :) Of course we lose our temper when our kid doesn't know when to stop crying... and of course, many of us will get mad at our respcetive spouses....

The thing that angry people must learn to do is... Control... Take control of the whole angry process itself. Don't do something one would regret... control one's self. Listen to one's heart.... But do not listen blindly... for the heart will sway from left to right during the anger process... for one side will be from God, whereas the other from Shaitan....

When angry, of course Satan's side would be more appealing... but since we're human beings... we have the will to think and make decisions... unlike LIONS or HYENAS or WILDEBEESTS!!! :D The will to think, and make the choice is ours! A trait that differentiates us from the animal kingdom. If we fail to do this... then we are just edging ourselves closer to the kingdom of Simba and Mufasa... and Rafiki of course (the wise baboon in the Lion King :P)

In conclusion... anger is an intrinsic human trait... It's fundamental... We all have it. Even the best off all people will have it. Even Rasulullaah had it... The only thing that's important, is how we express it in a non-damaging way... or better dstill... to be able to control it! And at best... do not express it...

I read somewhere that when we're angry, Satan is very2 happy because that's the time when he plays with the angry person as a child plays with his ball.... DONT BE SATAN'S BALL!!! Be da Man (Woman)!!! Da Man (Woman) who can conquer anger and filter out all the whispers of Satan, for the better of himself (herself), his (her) family, and for all man kind insya-Allaaah!!!!!!

Anywayz... that is all for today :D Thank you for reading...
Assalaam aleykom WBT


MRM said...

Aku tgh pening dgn kerja, thought of taking a break and jenguk2 blogsss, gi blog ko, aku jd lagi pening...kena pi mandi la ni, basahkan kepala :D

EyesOfNabil said...

ni ape kes citer pasal marah lak ni? adakah ko marah pada celcom? :D

Alfian_Troxion said...

MRM: Maapkan daku mas kerna kasik ko lagik pening. ada baik gak ko pi mandi, kasik sejuuuk kepala :D

Nabil: Aku mana ada marah kat CELCOM. aku saja tulis benda ni pasal aku ni pemarah. kena kasik kurangkan marah aku kalau tak abis semua orang lari dari aku. hua hua hua!!! Tapi aku tak kisah kalau aku marah Bab :P

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