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House Buying with After Burners :)

Real Estate... Rumah... Apartment... Bungalow Houses... Terrace or Link Houses...

Some say (such as Azizi Ali and Milan Doshi --> Might want to Google them in case interested) that properties, or property investment is one of the sure ways of making lots and lots of money. From my limited experience in the field (reading about it only la... i don't own investment props yet), I know that this is true! I mean, the basic equation is quite simple...

Buy a house (in a potentially good area) --> Wait for a while ---> Sell for profit!


Buy an apartment (also in a good area) --> Rent it out (while lessening monthly installments) --> Keep on renting or one day SELL!


Buy a low cost house --> Rent it out (while as the same time maybe eliminating monthly installments) --> Sell if you want

Seems so simple kan? Well, it becomes simple thru experience... insya-Allaah. But how do we accumulate that experience? Macam mana orang2 macam saya, the normal income people, can start to save $$$ to buy houses :)

I've been to Azizi Ali's seminar once, and from what I see, you firstly need money (lots of it) to make money. For Azizi, I think he didn't face that much of a problem to start in property investment... because he himself is a CAPTAIN! Makes around 20K++ per month I hear... I hear la :D So to start getting big loans must have been a no brainer :)

Anyway, I am not going to write in a pessimistic manner here :) Instead, I will attempt to optimize my thinking, and hopefully yours to, and who knows, sparks will form that might ignite a nuclear-explosion of money making ideas!!! Hua hua hua! (ok, enuf laughing)

In someones book (I think Azizi's), he talks about AFTERBURNER INCOME... Ok, has to be his book, because after burners are related to a plane's jet engine.... after burner income is basically monetary sources from outside our day jobs. Among them are:

  1. A part-time business - This can be your very own Goreng Pisang stall to an established MLM business (don't like MLMs tho...)
  2. Books - I know two people who are doing quite well writing their own teen and adult novels :)
  3. Online Income - Maybe become an Amazon affiliate, and Adsense master or even sell your own stuff on E-bay!
  4. Selling besi buruk - I saw somebody near my frens house, who has a bungalow like combined terrace house... and he sells besi buruk :)
  5. Investment in other mechanisms - Maybe if you started investing at a very2 young age, by now, the money should have grown into a hefty sum... so can use to buy extra house :D
  6. and of course... etcetera, etcetera etcetera (macam dalam the original THE KING and I lakonan mendiang Yull Brinner :P)
So I think, I too need to have some sort of after burner income. Because,... fuel ain't getting cheaper (but Pak Lah is getting older... kueng kueng kueng :P). Costs of food and other stuff also ain't gonna drop. Education ain't gonna be free or cheap for long... and of course... cars ain't gonna come falling from the skies!!! (But I heard fish did once? Betul ke?)

Oleh yg demikian, let us all start after burning! Burn our behinds to after burn after after burner income!!!

But of course, don't go too far to only think about money... and of course properties. After burn after burn jugak... but of course, Wasathiah needs to be there (moderation or kesederhanaan) :D For without which, pure life will cease to exist : Instead, we would be turned into money-chasing zombies of the Donald Trump world! (ok, I am starting to merepek...)

Anywayz... just wondering if anyone has any monetization ideas that they'd like to share :D Plz do share them , for the benefit of us all insya-Allaaah :D

Assalaam aleykom WBT


yaya|azura said...

alpian... nanti aku culik anak pompuan ko and mintak ransom, sebulan sekali aku buat .. mesti byk pendapatan aku kan kan kan??

Alfian_Troxion said...

chaits. kalau macam tu, aku pulak yang gak ada after burner income...

EyesOfNabil said...

ko kan ngajar flash ngan photoshop kekadang..tu kira income la tu ^_^

MRM said...

Penuhkan ASB dulu, baru beli 2nd house untuk pelaburan :) Aku ada kenal orang yang ASB dia tak penuh lagi tapi buat masa ni from the keuntungan pun dia dah boleh keluar RM3000 sebulan kalau dia nak, without disturbing the 'pokok', cool eh (and bear in mind, the account is still expanding sbb dia tak pakai lagi pun keuntungan tu till now)

Alfian_Troxion said...

Mat Nabil: Yang ngajar Flash n Potosop tu small money... tak constant... kalau selalu buat, meaning dalm sebulan 2-3 kali cantek aa :P tapi takpe. akan diusahakan komdian hari :D

MRM: ASB... aku masih berbelah bagi lagi sekarang... aku ada duit dalam ASB alhamdulillaah... tapi tu dari zman dulu2 la. Just ralat tentang dia nye status halal jakim je :P ada artikel kata ok. ada artikel kata tak ok. Ada satu artikel tu aku pernah nampak (tapi tak sempat baca)... tulis ASB TIDAK HARAM ... (lepas aku dok pikir2 balik. asal tak tulis je ASB halal?) Hmmmm... sebab kalau kau tengok statement dia, mmg clear2 dia ada invest dalam conventional banking dan jugak tobacco (and kalau tak silap aku arak... but have to confirm this...)... tapi takpe... nanti aku nak kaji lagi. bila dah nampak clear2 ok, i nsya-Allaah aku boh dalam tu la.. pasal lagik liquid n lagik 'terjamin'? hehehe. but with today's govt... silap aribulan, duit ASB tu pon konco2 orang jahat kat atas tu leh kebashhhh!!! :o

pilotHans said...

yup, totally agree..i like it how you put it in simple words...but it need some patience, hard homework and also a bit of luck...

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