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I will not be getting my computer-purchase cut :(

Aiyaa... Aiseyman and woman. Just received a 3-page letter from Malaysia's Revenue Board (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri). They are asking me for the supporting documents to justify my tax-cuts. But the thang is, they want the docs from the years 2004-2006. And me being me, some of the receipts I've already thrashed into my trusted dust-bin... which has already been emptied thousands and thousands of times since 2004 :D But luckily lah, only one claim saja yang macam tak ada receipt, and that's my Personal computer purchase... but still... almost RM5,000 :( Banyak tu tolak.... gulp...

Annywayz, I called them just now and mentioned my predicament. The lady told me that, since no proof was needed during E-FILING, they sort of have the right to ask for proof... and apparently even if it's 7-years back dated (Yeps, she actually mentioned that audit is done within a 7-year time span).

But that's OK la kot :) The intention of this post pun bukanlah untuk marah-marah atau maki-hamunz itu LHDN. But just as a gentle reminder to myself (and also kot2 to sapa2 yg tak tau about the 7-year audit thinggy) to keep each and every piece of transaction receipt [which are tax-deduct able, of course] that has been obtained for at least, the last 7-years :)

Wokeh, now all I have to do is go and get my EA-forms, my kid's MYKID, insurance documents, zakat statements, and... apa lagi ek? Hmmmm... OH! KWSP. Man, all these are kinda govt. related... why LHDN don't have some sort of link or copy ek?

Assalaam aleykom WBT and Have A Good One


~ayoi~ said...

Borang LHDN tu standard tiap tahun selalunya. Jadi target apa2 yg rasa2 nak ditolak, dan kumpul la resit. Aku cakap ni berdasarkan pengalaman, sebab dah terkena mcm kau jugak.

Hahaha. Padan muka aku nak carik resit tahun 2004.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Aku pon padan muka pasal resit tu mmg dah takde. hua hua hua!

:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...

haha mamat..ini semua sistem..
kekadang sakit hati..tapi jadikan pengajaran..lepas nie beli je la apa benda pun,balik rumah bukak folder,simpan resit..sort by monthly purchased product..hahahaha..jangan pulak beli cekodok kat makcik timah pun nak mintak resit..hua hua hua.. :p

pilotHans said...

aku br jer dpt surat cinta dr diorg cume mintak EA form yg ade potongan gaji... adakah2 itu petanda2? *sweat.... form2 potongan gaji tuepun aku xdak! hahah..

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