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Triathlon for Malaysian Kids

Image illegally taken and modified from Trikidz Malaysia... don't saman me pleaseee. I kenot help it...


1. An athletic contest comprising three consecutive events, usually swimming, bicycling, and distance running.
2. A women's track-and-field competition comprising the 100-meter dash, high jump, and shot put.
3. British: a competition comprising fly-casting, horseback-riding, and trapshooting events.


Well, at least these are the definitions I got from :)

Anyway, the main reason for my post is to support the very2 good initiative by for conducting the first triathlon clinic for kidz in Malaysia. A great step in the right direction.

Why this is this so? Ok, let's take an example from Brazil. Ronaldinho played football/soccer from when his teeth weren't as big as today. Ronaldo also did the same thing, but with smaller teeth, even though slightly. In Portugal, Christiano Ronaldo played the game in his diapers! (ok, I exaggerate as usual)...

Anyway, the point is... It's one of the best ways to shape our future athletes... BEND the buluh when it is still in the rebung state :D Shape them up from when they're young. Infants can usually absorb stuff faster and better... and as a result, what they are constantly exposed to would most probably become second nature to them... and (also) as a result, make them excellent and experts in what they do.

TrikidzMalaysia is going in that direction I presume. Shaping future triathletes of the country, and who knows... WORLD CHAMPIONS! Born n bred in Malaysia :D Not only will it promote a healthy lifestyle, but it would most probably help condition the mind and physique of the kids for future national and international events.

So, for any of you out there (or maybe anyone you know?) who might want yer kids to learn and excel at swimming, running and also cycling... then might be a good place to start :D I hereby promote (with no commissions of course :P), for the sake of empowering Malaysia's future in sports! Develop Sports For Country (direct translation for Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara?)

For more information, you might just wanna visit the (well designed) blog... or maybe ask my fren, Hairul Azwar Hashim... who basically made over his mind and physique by becoming a champion triathlete!!!!

Oh... btw... just don't quite agree with triathletes' attire. Too sexy :( For guys can see bulu2 one :P For girls can see... see... you know la what can see :P Maybe can design, in the future, attire yang lebih sesuai for Muslims :D insya-Allaah...

okes... adios amigos and senoritas!!!


PrincessRen said...

tq for promoting the website.. really appreciate it.. aper lagi hantar laa ur daughter to the trikidz clinic.. hehe :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

hehehe. setakat ni aku tengok Farhanah memang macam ada potential nak jadik ahli sukan insya-Allaah. Lari dia pon laju. takpe takpe... aku nak tengok sukan apa yg dia minat. setakat ni macam dah pandai ayun reket tenis :P

Alfian_Troxion said...

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