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Will Ramadhan Reveal Your Six Pack?

Maybe some might be thinking that, Ramadan will be the month that he/she will lose lots of weight :) While indeed this most probably might be the case... the holy month of Ramadan is not a weight lost fest :P To me, it's more of a practice month... a practice for patience and also piety. To see how obedient one is to God's ruling of the fast. After all... fasting bukan la semata2 tak makan ye dok? Yer eyes must fast (no looking at naughty2 and bad2 stuff), yer ears must fast (avoid listening to unnecessary gossip for example) and yer mouth must fast as well (do not talk bad about others)... Oh... and of course, there's the fast for husbands and wife also... But at least that one you only need to 'tahan' during the day time. Malam time insya-Allaah can... hehehe :D

Ok ok ok... Back to the six pack question. Okes. In my humble opinion... most probably NO! :D Yes you will lose some weight insya-Allaah. But most of the weight lost during fasting is not fat weight. It will be water and muscle weight. Fat needs to be thrown away in order for those ketul-ketuls to be seen on your belly :)

Reason for losing muscle and water more than losing plain-old-fat? Ok. Dia macam ni...

Our body is smart. Subhanallaah and Masha-Allaah. God created such an intelligent system. The body operates with a defense mechanism built in. It's called the STARVATION ALERT! (Ok, that name, saya yang kasik... :P). Basically, what happens is this...

When you restrict food quantity, the body automatically detects this. It will think that the body is going into what is called STARVATION MODE (this one is not a term I coined up. Ada mentioned dalam a few books). When this happens, the body will take some precautions to sustain life, as it is now detecting that you, the owner of the body, might be facing DEATH! Hence it will:

1. Refrain from burning too much energy... hence DECREASING METABOLISM! You end up burning energy less efficiently. This is good if you're really facing famine.

2. Burn energy from the active cells first. That's why the body burns off MUSCLE first. Because muscles are active cells... and they'd use up all the energy before you know it! This is not what you'd want in a famine situation. Water is also used in abundance... FAT? Haaa... FAT dia tak bakar as a primary source. Since fat burns the slowest, it is reserved for the worst case scenario... where all energy resources dah depleted...

Ok. So, basically, these two will happen :) So how does this relate to abs being visible? Okes. We basically have SKIN... and FAT... and MUSCLE. Like the Holy Quran explains... (skipping the semen and blood parts) There's firstly bone, and wrapped around bones are flesh... then skin comes into the picture :) It's exactly like that... only that flesh is divided into two... MEAT (Muscle) and FAT (Fat lah!).

Skin covers Flesh... and the closest flesh to the skin is FAT. So, if you have less fat, then your muscles will be more viewable... visible. Jadik, how to get that six pack ab? Of course... reduce fat (while of course maintaining muscle mass to a certain level). Since we are now in Ramadan, and will be practising entering starvation mode... most likely, body fat levels will not plummet.

IN CONCLUSION... No, Ramadan will most probably not reveal your six packs :) Unless of course you're already naturally vascular and muscular. Kalau macam tu mmg tak aci la. Hehehehe....

Okes. Jika tidak faham apa2, please shout at me in the SHOUTBOX below! Selamat Berpuasa and Happy Controlling Your Urges!!!!


azwad said...

True. A popular misconception that I used to had is that if you lose weight, then it is good but I didn't know that you are actually lose muscles and not fat.

Ramadhan however is good time to start eating well unless you're really enjoying the Ramadhan Buffet at hotels and restaurants.

Pian, what's you view about the belief that some food can burn fat faster like chillies esp cili padi and cabbage?

Alfian_Troxion said...

Hmmm... I don't quite know about specific foods that can burn fat faster. But from what I've read...
there's not mention of such food groups. But there are foods that can help increase metabolism... so, if cili padi n cabbage fall into that category of food... then you can indirectly say that they are 'fat-burning' foods? :D hehehehe.

But in all... I just know food as food. U eat the bad ones, you get bad results. U go for the good ones in a good way,,,, you get good results insya-Allaah :D

Oh, and yeah... time ni la kita nak makan elok2 ye dok? I for one, will try to avoid pasar ramadhan... a fact that my wife will certainly not like. kueng kueng kueng :P Tapi tu la... pasar ramadhan is a 'dangerous' place. Like my roomie says... "senang2 je RM20 leh terbang" >.... which is true! Hahahah!

I just plan to eat either:
1) Home cooked nasik+lauk,
2) Free food from the mesjid :P

hehehehe. insya-Allaah can jaga what we eat, as well as economize :) ada ke perkataan economize ek?

azwad said...

I break my fast with nasi campur je. 3 items only which are rice, chicken(minus the skin)/fish/meat for protein and veggies. Drinks are either hot soyabean milk or hot Milo. No cold drinks and no kuih muih. I try to avoid fried food but it is goddamn difficult to get from bazaar ramadhan!

At my place, the mosque served rice with laukpauk like chicken and meat after terawikh every night as if it was catered by a Mamak restaurant (could be?). If I choose to eat them, they're become my supper and I will sahur with a lighter meal like a scoop of rice and scrambled eggs, sometimes with baked beans in tomato sauce from the can and Milo and sometimes, some dates. i only have time to prepare simple meals for sahur. Orang bujang le!

I suppose our MRSM buka puasa gathering and Hari Raya will be the time I eat a lot and carefree :)

I'm not exactly on a strict diet, just some control on portion and the types of food. A few years back I've tried to eat rice once a day but rasa macam nak mati je. But occasionally, I still eat rice once a day.

True, we spend more during Ramadhan than the usual month!

Alfian_Troxion said...

good for you Azwad :) Control makan walaupun aku rasa kau tak la gemok :) At least it'll keep u healthy n going :D

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