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Cigarette Slowdown - 2

Today, Alhamdulillaah, I have yet to smoke a single bat. And since my roomie dah baca blog ni, and knows of my intentions... most probably malam ni kalau nak pow rokok dia, musti dia remind... dan tak bagi. Hahahahaha! Ok ok. Bagus. Ada support... JANGAN KASIK AKU ISAP MAAT!


It's a bit easier today. No strong cravings. But still, the intention to smoke is there. Maybe sebab dah jadik habit kot. A bad habit that is. But as long as there's no one offering me cigarette , I think I should be ok, insya-Allaah.

Just now was chatting with my fren whose doing her PhD in Scotland. Hubby dia seems to have re-ignited his ZIPPO lighter dan mula isap rokok balik. Pity you dear... have to persevere and endure... and hope dia akan cuba berenti, eventually.

I also mentioned to her that, the BIGGEST road bump (or sometimes can be viewed as a U-TURN sign) during the stop-smoking process is the temptation AFTER stopping :) Meaning that, let's say after 2-3 weeks, or even a few months (3-months in one case I heard)... there will always emerge a reason for the 'stopped' to smoke again. It can be stress, or just getting the urge to smoke when seeing someone else smoke... or sometimes just the stupid act of just wanting to smoke another stick (since it's been so long since you had one). Normally, this one stick will become 10-20 sticks. And before you know it, you're on that road again... well on yer way to nicotine La-la land :D

So, basically... I think I'll approach this time's 'stop-smoking-plan' with a bit of strategy. Get ready for the post-temptations :) That's basically the plan. To stop... meaning to NOT SMOKE FOR A PERIOD OF TIME... insya-Allaah can be achieved. But maintaining a smoke-free life is harder than many might think. So maybe later I will surf a bit... tengok2 kat Internet camne nak maintain the non-smoking periods :) And insya-Allaah, eventually QUIT!

Tapi takpe... Slow slow slow. Cold turkey still macam susah nak buat (walaupun hari ni macam dah one day cold turkey je :P). Warm turkey la kot is the way to go... ada ke such an expression? :P Hehehehe.

Okes... insya-Allaah the battle will go on. I might slip a bit along the way. But I will make sure that I get back up again. One batang does not mean I have to bantai the whole packet ye dok? :D Hehehehe. If I accidentally smoke one batang la that is. :D

Oraitey... tq for reading. Oh.. and tq for da support for those of you who're supporting my efforts :D Cheerios!


EyesOfNabil said...

Ko kena buat janji kat aku mat pian..satu rokok yg ko isap, ko utang aku singgit. :D

Lama2 ko tanak la isap sbb ko tu jarang nak bg duit kat aku..kalau ko isap tapi tak bg, maka duit singgit yg ko tak bg aku tu aku tak halalkan..wahaha

Alfian_Troxion said...


ni bidaah ghalbanoh ni!
kok duit yg aku lom kasik kau, tapi pada dasarnya akan jadi milik kau, seandainya termeterai perjanjian ini.... leh jadik haraaammm!!!

bidaah gholaboh kumulunimbus!


apa kata setiap rokok aku isap... ko kasik aku 50 sen. pon aku dah gumbira.... kalau camtu, sampai 14jun 2090 aku tak renti lagi!!! :P

azwad said...

Takde pil ke yang kau boleh makan? Kasi kurang ketagih?

Alfian_Troxion said...

ada kot? :D kat highway aku nampak bayak gila papan2 iklan dok iklankan satu produk tu. tak ingat nama... tapi macam water or liquid based? nanti aku tengok2 :D

:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...

aha mamat,cari pil..mcm da serius smoker plak aku nengok kalau ko makan pil..hehe :) tp,ko masih belum ketagih mamat,ko nie saje menggatal nk suka2 isap :p sama gak kes mcm aku,bila balik melaka,ok je seminggu tak isap..
sama kes jgk mcm org yg masuk restoran mamak,yg jenis wajib + mesti layan teh tarik,kalau kat rumah tak pulak terasa nk minum teh tarik..dia bukan addicted,tp more to suka2 sbb dh terbiasa dgn tabiat minum teh tarik dalam restoran mamak..
so,kita nie ibarat itu aa,b/mana nk hilangkan "tabiat merokok suka2" bukan "ketagihan merokok" hurm..erk..ehh..betul ke apa yg aku tulis nie?..ahaks :p pendapat 20 sen aku aje ;)

azwad said...

Is the addiction a biological or a psychological problem?

I don't smoke. Tried but it didn't caught me. I think I don't even know how to smoke (You should suck to you lungs bro, not in your mouth!). I'm addicted to porn err..sorry, I meant caffeine. I need that coffee every morning to work. On weekends, I don't and that's why I usually slept off in the morning.

Even during fasting month, smokers can't help it but to lit up during iftar.

So how? It's not my problem but it is a good subject to discuss.

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