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Cigarette Slowdown

Assalaam aleykom WBT :)

For the past week, I have been vehemently trying to cut down on my ciggies :) I won't say I'm a heavy smoker... cuz I can't finish a whole pack of 20's (or even 14's) per day. But then again, if I keep to the title of 'not-so-heavy-smoker', then I might NEVER stop! Because somewhere in the back of my mind, I would justify to myself that it's not the time to quit yet... for you are not a heavy nicotine addict :)

Well... I think that sort of thinking needs to end somewhere... and I am trying to end it now... Now and Forever bak kata Richard Marx :D I know this is the ump-teenth time of my stop-smoking campaign. But if you ask some people who've totally given up the habit... they too (might) have gone thru this road of stop-start-stop-start... and insya-Allaah in the end it would be to stop! :D For the past week, I've managed NOT TO BUY a whole pack of fags... which is good. But I still managed to 'pow' a few from my roomie Mr. Azrul Hazri, occasional sleep over friend Mr. Rashidi, as well as bought some in 'sticks-form' from Naseer Nasi Kandar and also AM/PM sundry shop.

But at least it's ok. Because from 6-8 per day... I've successfully dropped down to 1-4 per day. That's a giant leap for a smoker, I reckon :)

Annywayz... I will try some more... some more and more and more :) But of course, not to suddenly and entirely cut down the habit lah. Slowly I am building up my mental strength, and slowly I am erecting the barrier to withstand Satan's calling for a fag (hehehe. Setan pulak disalahkan :P).... Cold Turkey style? Not yet la I think...

But, in the end, insya-Allaah, I will stop. Stop bukan just at a stop sign (sebab kalau stop sign, bila xde kereta buleh jalan balik)... but Stop as in Stop berenti ... parking for a very2 long time... sleeping beauty like stop (with the hope of no prince charming coming along)... STOP IN DA NAME OF DA LAW!!!! (who made this phrase famous anyway...?).

Okes. Apa2 pon... I will stop insya-Allaah. And when that day comes, I will be able to tolak a ciggie without even thinking about its 'pleasures' :D

Oraitey then... Selamaat... and on a different note... please do Make do'a for myself, Azrul n de rest of the fishing geng so that our TENGGIRI a.k.a. SPANISH MACKEREL expedition will be far away from harm's reach, as well as yield an exceptional hasil insya-Allaah :D Ok, tq for reading :)


Iza-Zulkifli said...

u can do it. i have 2 uncles who were heavy smokers, but now they've stopped completely, since for the past 15 or 16 years i think. if u think u can do it, u can! good luck!

Alfian_Troxion said...

tq my big sis Rahiza Haszian :) insya-Allaah. Ni tengok dok lawan mental ni. slow sloooww... hehehe.

Dulu kat Matsushita aku stop gak dah. tapi ntah camne ntah aku termasuk balik dalam bilik maut kat kantin tu. kekekekek :P Bilik smoking yg mmg akan membunuh semua penduduk nya... dah le takde ventilation :P

Az Azrinudin Alidin said...

bole berenti nih...takpa takes your time..klu kat lugano ni..lagi dahsyat dorg isap rokok..aku pun dah start nak berenti dah nih

:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...

bravo mamat...sila sila...
kalau dulu dalam kampus toksah merokok,kali nie dalam bilik pun jgn isap...keh3...isap dalam toilet je lah...ahaks... :)

p/s: holiday + escort mamat :p

azri...niat ko mmg sungguh murni :) tapi mmg betul ckp si pian,da habis rokok marlboro mesia ko tue,jgn mula beli rokok omputih,once ko dh start beli,mmg susah aa nk stop nanti..hehe..

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