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MATLAB, A Binary Image and the Football/Soccer Field

Salaam to all :)

You have agreed to do PhD. So, you will now face the torture never before faced by Zukeri Abdullah. You will not be bestowed the honor of a research grant. However, it is foretold that your expenses will be in the high 10s of thousands. All of which will come back to haunt you.

But do not despair. Run this piece of code. MATLAB will tell you when to stop. Do not stop untill MATLAB stops YOU! For if you prematurely exit your cause, the code will devour your very intestines. Anyway:

if h(j,k) >= 0.175 && h(j,k) <= 0.264 && i(j,k) >= 0.25
                            if (sTemp(j,k)~= 0  && iTemp(j,k)~= 1 )                          
    if sTemp(j,k)<= 0.3
                                    hTemp(j,k) = 1;

And you will realize the importance of Matlab and also the concepts of computer programming. Never must you kneel down to the pressures of the past. Think of the present and future. Your image processing toolbox will not leave you unless you leave it behind.

Also, do not fret over the files that were accidentally and magically deleted by Matlab (I think the blame is justifiable, even though proof is lacking). For your work in the OSAMA folder was not that much, yet. Alhamdulillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen!!!

Ok. Now the images are done. I will give you the oppurtunity to show you what you have done for you. 


Sekarang dah pukul 1:50 pagi. Yang menulis blog ini bukanlah Alpyan. TetapiSang Gedembai yang sedang busan. Jgn mare wahai pembaca2 ku :) Tq for reading anywayz :D


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