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Autralian Open 2009 - Nadal Deserves To Be Called King


Yesterday evening (~ 4:30pm), I started to watch one of the best displays of tennis skills ever to be captured on TV. It promised to be an epic match between  Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The world number 2 (Fed) was out looking for his 14th Grand Slam to match Pete Sampras' record, and also to prove a point that he is still worthy of the title as best tennis player ever (even though he himself does not say this... all tennis fans and Federer fans know this :D).

Nadal on the other hand... is just starting. Finally I think, he has his engines all warmed up and totally REVVED! Before the match even started, I sort'a knew that the match was going to be Nadal's. The only thing I was kinda hoping for was for Fedex to give the Spaniard a good fight! :) Which Alhamdulillaah... he did.

Nadal's game has improve so much over the years... and I have to say that his forehand..... is a definite KILLER! I mean.... you almost can't hit an out-ball with that forehand! 

Backhand dia pulak? Ish... memanjang dapat tangkap angle yg amat2 cantek. Whenever FedEx gave him a tight angled shot... he answered with another shot a few degrees tighter! Dayem!

IN all... the game was great. Was a bit dissapointing to see Federer lose his composure in the fifth set. He was tired by then I think, both mentally and physically (the top spin single handed backhand was almost reaching it's expiry hour)... Nadal prevailed, even after playing (also) an epic 5-hour match agains compatriot Fernando Verdasco.  Now, I can see that Nadal will be the ma to beat... Or more appropriate... the BOY to beat. I mean, he's just 22! :P And still ada muka2 budak2 jahat sket sket. hehehehe.

Anywayz, congrats to Nadal... and happy hunting for more grand slams ahead. Of course, I preferred if you lost, as I am a Federer fan. Hahahaha! But, congrats are due when they're due, and I now truly recognize you Mr Rafa... as being (and further becoming) one of the best tennis players the world has to see!!!!

Oraitey... teeing off... and of course, also crying with Federer :P


Hmmm... if this is the $$$ involved in Grand Slams, might as well as my daughter to start playing. I mean, almost AUD$20K for just playing in the first round? Dat's like almost RM60K mate!!! More than what I make in a year!!!!! :o ... Now only need to come up with a TUTUP AURAT and GEGAR PROOF outfit... Hmmmmm :-?


dLyn aZmi said...

ko dh xde ati ngan pancing dh ke hehehe

MDH said...

ngam benor tu pyan, ko jadik jurulatih anak ko and AJM jadi pengurus.... Insyallah kalau di beri pendedahan awal lain kali boleh jadi pemain tenis terkemuka dunia. hidup ko pun senang di kemudian hari....

Time RF dan Rafa main hari tu mmg best giler tengok, bab RF nangis tu yang aku tumpang sedih gak, maklum ler hasrat tak kesampaian. Apa2 pun aku gembira sebab Rafa menang.....

Alfian_Troxion said...

Dlyn: Pancing masih minat. Tapi takkan hari2 nak turun laut. I find it easier to turun ke hard court hari2 instead of ke laut. kekekekeke. Modal pon lagik kecik (50 cents per hour vs. RM100++ per trip :P)

MDH: Tu le pasal. Nanti aku panggil Tony Nadal soh ajar anak aku :D hehehe.

Anonymous said...

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