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The title above is actually a documentary released somewhere in 2008. When I saw the title, I was a bit perplexed... what bigger stronger and faster? (BTW, saw this on 

Then after viewing  the trailer, I knew that it was a must see movie/documentary.

It basically talks about steroid use (or misuse is more like it) in the US. Yeps... mainly in the US of A. Land of oppurtunity... the land of the free... to free at times :P 

And when you talk about steroids, you link it to sports. BEN JOHNSON... is a name that is almost synonymous to anabolic steroids. But I was surprised to know about the ral truth surrounding his Seoul Olympics gold medal disqualification! ... anywayz...

Other than sports, there're also parts of the documentary showing the use of the drug in poultry rearing and also medicine... Whoa... you guys should take a look at the BELGIAN BLUE BULL!!! to know what I'm talking about... it was  soo soo macam Governor Schwarzenegger like... 

(Correction: Apparently, the Belgian Blue Bull has a natural mutation that causes the muscle to... not stop growing! Seems that they're not on the 'roids' after all :] Can look it up at Wikipedia

Anywayz... just to say that it was an eye opening documentary. Parts of the film was a bit dragging, but I have to say, since it's totally new info. (for me at least), the bored-meter was never buzzing, and almost always kept to a minimum :)

So, sapa2 yg rasa nak tengok, I would really2 recommend this flick. Among others, it sheds the lights on:

1) What steroids really are,
2) The various steroid freak-shows in town
3) How many of our role-models end up becoming our biggest-let-downs (including the Gov-nor)
4) How you will get so so so disappointed with the ART of BEFORE and AFTER pics (some are even taken in the same day!!! sob sob...)

Oh... and

5) How steroids (or other 'cheating' methods)  are so synonymous with the US of A :)

Okes. Tu je for this time....


PS:- pandai2 la carik video ni... :D Buleh beli legally kat Amazon I think... but other than that... I think U all know la how to obtain :D

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