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Experience with MYEG :) - Online Road Tax Renewal

(Got this email from just now. Just something I'd like to keep showing the last time I'd get fuel rebate...)

Alhamdulillaahi Robbil 'Aalameen :) My MyEG transaction (online) for personal car road tax renewal has been completed. By this, I mean that I've already received a courier of the road tax, as well as had the fuel rebate banked into my CIMB Islamic account. 

I have to say, that it is very2 convinient. And literally, involves just a few mouse clicks. But of course lah, ada kena isi2 maklumat diri... so that was the boring part I guess. (orang malas isi borang, biasa la.... :P). All the processing took less than a week... and again, I like the fact that I can even do all this with my big butt glued to a comfotable chair :D

Anyway, overall, I'd rate using --> 8/10. The other 2-points went out the window when considering some small imperfections on website navigation. On some pages, they don't provide 'ESCAPE' links/buttons/clicks. U'd be relegated to using the back button, which is not quite a professional button to use considering the magnitude of MyEg itself :)

But in all, the 8-marks says that it was a positive experience non-the-less :D Functionality-wise... all went without a glitch :D O.K. gak la. Whoever that has used might agree. But I understand if some might have contrasting views (as user experience might be effected by badnwidth [heck, I was on a 300++kb/s Streamyx line], code malfunctions, or maybe unseen technical anomalies). But in all, my experience was ok. And I would reccommend the service to others :) 

Okes. Now all I have to do is stick the road tax on my car's wind shield... and... and.... eh kejap. Dia orang ada provide servis "tolong lekat kan road tax kat cermin keter" dok? And specifically... by Maya Karin in her red suit? kekekekekekekek ....



Sazly Salfarina said...

ooooo... senang sekarang ek. Takkan la sampai lekat road tax kat kete pon ko nak orang buatkan, melampau tu mate.

Anyway, aku dah guna myeg ni dari dulu lagik, tapi utk check saman la. Bagus Myeg nih. Tapi, asal bukak je ade saman, asal bukak je ade saman. Nasib baik ayah meruaku polis. Hahahahaha...

Alfian_Troxion said...

aku hanya akan gunakan servis lekat road tax tu kalau Maya Karin yg buat sendiri.

a ah ek. aku pon tak check saman lagik. sekarang aku check...


ARAMAAAAKKK!!! Ada satu saman. Chaits... abis RM202.00 duit elaun aku. hehehehe.

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