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Pink Panther 2

Last Saturday, myself, the wife and our little girl went to the cinema at Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya, Penang (sebelah darat). Farhanah wanted to watch a movie...

"Ayah. Dah lama kita tak tengok buoyang..."

Buoyang is  how she pronounces Wayang... as in movie :D After relentlessly requesting for a cinema trip, the wife and I finally succumbed. We too had not been to the movies for quite some time. So, since there was nothing better to do... we were all geared up wo watch something.

The first title that came to mind was "Geng". Malaysia's first ever animated feature. I have to say that the Behind The Scenes showed on TV was quite impressive. Hence, we wanted to see what these young animators had to offer. But... unfortunately, "Geng" was fully booked. So we opted for the next best thing a kid could possibly relate to... The Pink Panther 2. But I had continously remind Farhanah that there's not gonna be any pink cat running around for a big portion of the film. She said is was ok, because all she wanted to do was to tengok buoyang :P 

So, with below par expectation, and with open minds, we bought the tickets and sat down at our 2-nd row seats (FROM THE SCREEN!!!). Full jugak cerita ni! 

The screen was like this huge... humongous...colossal white canvas in front of us... I myself did not imagine the second row was gonna be that close. Tapi takpe, since it was not an action movie, insyaAllaah the pening2 would only be minimal :D

As the buoyang went along, we were quite surprised at how funny Pink Panther 2 was! I mean, I was expecting 75%-80% of pure slapstick lunacy. But, on the contrary, we were treated to a well orchestrated piece of bone tickling humor! I mean, the movie was very funny! And very enjoyable I have to say :) And with the surprise appearance of Aisywarya Rai (well, surprise to me because I did not expect a Bollywood starlet to be acting in an American/French funny movie), it further added to the enjoyment :)

In all, I think I'll give Pink Panther 2 a score of 8.55 out of 10 :D Good humor, minimal slapstick, as well as a very2 powerful cast! I would recommend this movie for anyone looking for a good laugh :D 

Lepas ni, ingat nak pergi tengok VALKYRIECam tu ke eja? Sorang2 or dengan bini la tapi. Rasa2 this one is 18SG, so Farhanah x leh nengok.  Anywayz... Selamat n thank you for reading :D


Nabil said...

aku dah lama x jejak kat wayang ni..huhuhu..jeles2

word verification ko ari ni:explutic..ade makne ke tak ye..:D

Alfian_Troxion said...

hehehe. aku pon lama gak dah tak pi. anak aku yg yo yo nak nengok buoyang dia :P

Explutic tu macam Extractor Asid Laktik. Ada jual kat Vienna dan Selatan Lubnan :D

MDH said...

heheheh dari iklan yang aku tengok PP2 tu mesti tak syok punya....Tak sangka lak ko p tengok and bagi rate 8.55/10. Tinggi tuuuu..... Hari tu bila dah kuar kat internet utk dload aku bypass jer sebab kat kepala movie ni mesti haprak skrg aku pk nak doad pula sebab ko cakap best. Harap2 jangkaan aku ni tak meleset hehehhehe.... VALKYRIE pun dah kuar kat internet and aku tak dload lagi sebab version masih DVD-Screener. Aku tunggu DVD Rip baru aku dload....

Alfian_Troxion said...

dload lah :D dan mari kita sama2 rugikan hollywood :P

cerita dia bagi aku ok la. Utk gelak2 ringan... tapi aku fikir2 balik, aku masuk dengan low expectation... macam kau gak la... aku bajet haprak. tengok2 agak best. so terpulang lah kepada tuan punya badan (dan mata, dan telinga dan juga sel2 nueron) utk membuat kesimpulan kelak. :D

dLyn aZmi said...

ratu lanun ni dh dload ari tu..
citt.. aku xtau plak cite ni br je main kat wayang..
skali bile nk tgk...
gamba goyang2.. ngan bayang2 org bley nmpk.. termasuk la gelak2 tu skali huhu..
aku keciwa!

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